Handy GPS 38.4
Version: 38.4

Handy GPS 38.4

System requirements: 4.1+

If you are wondering what app to use to accompany you on your upcoming adventure, why not try Handy GPS, one of the most accurate navigation tools. You will never find a locator app with as many utilities as we have. You can use it for a road trip or a jungle or sea adventure. Or you can even use this app as a direct manager in the mining business.


Not everyone can clearly understand the roads you live on. Or, when you’re traveling, you might say you need a backup employee to accompany you all day to show you the way. No one can fulfill your requirements but Handy GPS, and the app has now updated some features. In this new version, you can set up a mileage tracking log for your loved ones and especially children for easy tracking, but it only fits within a distance of 5-10 km.

We have improved the product as much as possible to meet the requirements of users. Not to mention the function of requesting permission for audio from the app when using a voice memo. More precisely, for some places there is no specific name, but only coordinates. So, you may not remember the coordinates of the location you want, you can paste the coordinates to us and immediately, the location you want will appear in front of your eyes. In addition, you can also use the app offline in this version, but it is limited to a few locations.


This will be an indispensable application for many people and no matter where you are, Handy GPS will be the best tool to make your work on the road more comfortable. It is known that when you first install the app, the user has to enter your information, such as your address, so that we can properly navigate to you. After entering your address, whether you are at home or anywhere else, you are clearly shown parameters such as altitude, …


This app was created with automation in mind; previously entered location in the app will be stored in the app forever. We will update and replace your location with different settings for your convenience. In particular, Handy GPS has a feature to record your journey. You can call it a tracking tool when every place you go is clearly displayed in the app.


This won’t be a problem for anyone because anyone can use it, even if you’re the most technologically blind person. After all, in addition to entering coordinates automatically by prompting or copying tools, the user can also enter parameters manually if you don’t understand how to do otherwise. You can read and enter the coordinates of where you want to go so the app can give you the simplest explanation.


Handy GPS will be your best companion in all big and small trips, and you can’t do without it in travels and especially adventurous adventures. With it, you will never get lost and have the best trip when no one bothers you. In particular, this app has a timer function and records all the times when you start your journey. Thus, it can easily calculate the average distance you travel.


– Displays the coordinates of where you are with clear parameters from altitude to speed for your convenience.

– Store your current location as different parameters and especially track the places you have been.

– manually enter coordinate parameters; even if you are technologically blind, you can use the app.

– Navigate by sound and give alerts or reminders when you get close to a place.

– A timer when recording your route and calculating your average walking speed.

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