Heroes Infinity 1.36.14
Version: 1.36.14

Heroes Infinity 1.36.14

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System requirements: 4.1+

Heroes Infinity is a unique action game developed by DIVMOB. The game offers exciting adventures with many gods and a variety of magical creatures. Immerse yourself in a world of endless heroes and begin your legendary land and city adventure. Gather and assemble a strong team to win. 

Arena and Queue.

Arena is a special game mode in Heroes Infinity: Fantasy Legend Online Offline RPG, where you can battle with other players for the best rating. This mode will give “Arena Points” after each battle. The Arena is the material for exchanging valuable items in the Arena store. There are 4 islands in Arena mode, including Tokyo, Cairo, Athens and Oslo. The island of Oslo is not yet open, so players can only experience the remaining three islands. On each island, players need to create a group to participate in matches. You can fight other players on the island to get a higher rank, which means higher Arena points. You can get 55 gems with a daily mission to attack other players 7 times. Or you can also earn many gems and Arena points when you achieve outstanding achievements.

Different Generals and Gods

Heroes Infinity: Fantasy Legend Online Offline RPG allows players to choose many types of generals with their own functions, including attack, defense, support and witch. With the attack feature, you must choose gods such as Achilles, Athena, Ares, Thor … These gods have excellent attack characteristics, but their defense ability is low. High defense gods include Perseus, Odin, Ymir … Support generals will make attack and defense more effective in combat. In addition, the game has a group of gods that can handle magical damage, including Dracula, Santa Claus, Maria Curie, …

The actual tactical battles are represented by spectacular effects. along with a lot of great skills that mimic the gods’ abilities. Each god has the ability to increase strength, frame and rank to prepare for a battle for justice. You can equip your generals to gain power. In battle you need to summon the gods in the most tactful way possible in order to win victory and gain valuable rewards. In each situation, combining different generals will lead to unexpected effects that, in turn, can turn the situation around.

A variety of game modes

The game is designed with different game modes that you can choose from, such as adventure, sky tower, starport, practice, boss, and super boss. Adventure mode helps players collect experience and level up gods by destroying enemies. The challenging Sky Tower mode limits the power of your legendary squad through multiple levels of towers with different levels of difficulty. In Star Mode, you can collect all the divine figures to summon more enigmatic gods. Exercise mode is for those who are new to the game or who want to test their unique tactics. Here you will find your strongest

Download Heroes Infinity 1.36.14 (Mod, Lots of Money) for Android screen 1Download Heroes Infinity 1.36.14 (Mod, Lots of Money) for Android screen 2Download Heroes Infinity 1.36.14 (Mod, Lots of Money) for Android screen 3Download Heroes Infinity 1.36.14 (Mod, Lots of Money) for Android screen 4Download Heroes Infinity 1.36.14 (Mod, Lots of Money) for Android screen 5

I liked it, the game is nice with a beautiful resovki but, ads do not load and buy the paid version is not possible: (and so I liked the game, everyone advise! <3

The game is really good, but 3 of – because it is paid. Stavlyu 5 because I downloaded the hack because I do not give any money more games 🙂