Idle Angels

Idle Angels

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System requirements: 5.0+

Idle Angels – will be a great combination of two unique game genres: Idle and RPG. And if you are a fan of both of these game genres, this will be a worthy game for you to start playing. Coming into the game, you will encounter a lot of special challenges, different gameplay and a new idle strategy. Try to collect and improve your angels to become the strongest version and fight with your friends.


True, the name of the game Idle Angels has been set by the manufacturer, it is a special game in standby mode. Players will get the right standby game to be able to develop their game characters in the best possible way. This type of game will allow the characters to fight on their own, even when you’re not online, so your character can improve themselves very quickly.

And to win this game easily, you will have to master the battle tactics. The necessary actions to make the right decision will include choosing the right angel and choosing the right equipment and skills for your fighting style. All of the elements will then be combined together, and from there you can own your own Invincible Fleet.


But beyond the simple gameplay, the manufacturer has also added special challenges to the game. There are many actions that the player and his character must perform in order to be able to complete the assigned tasks. These will include a combat system, standby mode, angel training and awakening, adventure and collectible quests, and more.

You’ll need to find good brothers who will be ready to have your back when you encounter such dangerous weapons as dark claws. In addition, players will be able to participate in unique matches to be able to fight with their friends. And with that comes the fun times of celebrating victory together with your teammates.


One of the features that are often found in idle games is definitely the graphics. Games of this genre often have their own uniquely cute cartoon graphics. But unlike other idle games on the market, this game has a Japanese cartoon graphic style. The characters are rendered in a cute, clear and friendly angelic style.

At the same time, the scenes and contexts involving the characters in the game are also methodically invested by the app’s developer. You will be able to view the game map from different perspectives, from top to bottom, with a general map or with a specific type of involvement in the game. All graphic details are carefully worked out by the graphic design department.

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