Idle World 5.3
Version: 5.3

Idle World 5.3

System requirements: 5.0+

Earth is a big planet, it has a lot of things. If you want to build your own planet in the form of Earth, Idle World will help you do it. Idle World is a simulation game that allows you to build the Earth for you. Earth is still primitive, and there is no water or land. The world will be created by you. And you have to have a plan to gradually build your plane. In the process of building, you will also gain a lot of knowledge about the Earth and have a lot of interesting experiences.

Simple graphics, but the game still leaves its markIdle World is one of the most popular games developed and offered by Homa Games, an independent mobile game studio specializing in publishing, user engagement and monetization of mobile games. The player can download the game on mobile devices running on Android and iOS operating systems. The game is completely free of charge. You can play Idle World without Internet connection.

In Idle World you will see that the Earth is built on 2D graphics and the background is in open space. This will give you a panoramic view of the Earth. Moreover, the player can rotate your planet in any direction. You will be able to see the Earth from different angles and find out what is currently happening. How is your planet?

In addition, you’ll be prompted by live sound. You’ll want to speed up the construction process. A simple interface makes it easy to control the player. Sometimes some images appear and fly over the screen, such as water, earth, sun, satellite. In addition, there are images of aliens and UFOs. They bring the player many surprises and transport him into space.

Start building your planetIn the beginning you just have a primitive planet. Then you will follow each step to build your planet according to the game’s instructions. Click on the water image to create water. Or click on the earth image to create land. If you want to increase your energy production, you will have to constantly add elements. In addition, there are many more elements to create the Earth. For example: soil, microorganisms, plants, animals, people, etc. Each time you add one element, the energy increases. This can be your problem. You can’t build the Earth in a short time. You can earn free energy by clicking on the Sun. One click equals 200 energy. But you can increase tenfold by watching the ads.

There are also many different ways to earn energy in Idle World. For example, you can double the energy speed by using 10 diamonds when clicking on a UFO image. The higher the speed, the faster the energy increases. But speed energy only happens in 120 seconds, and you just buy 600 seconds. That’s the first way. The second way is time travel. You travel through time and get energy. The amount of energy is random. The third way will be based on an image that flies over the screen. With an image of a tube containing an alien, touching it will give you energy. But with images about water or earth you will get free and a certain amount of water or earth elements. Or you can use rotation to get diamonds, energy or seconds of time travel, … Idle World missions will also bring you lots of diamonds or Time Travel. Let’s earn lots of diamonds and elements to build the Earth faster.

When you start building your planet, you can simply add water and land elements to it. To unlock the different elements, players must fulfill the requirements of these elements. With the soil element, you need to activate 200 Water and 100 Earth. But you will need to activate 100 Silt, 50 Sand, and 25 Clay to unlock the Microorganism element. In addition, your planet will need good preservation, defense, and improvement. With Conservation you will have new elements such as Plains, Plateaus, Mountains, Sand, Animals (Fish, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians, Mammals)… But with Protection you will create the Earth’s atmosphere with 5 Spheres. These are the troposphere, mesosphere, stratosphere, thermosphere, exosphere. In addition, the publisher has given the player more World 2.0 and Mars. They will bring you a lot of entertainment.

Special PointsWith Idle World the player can discover science, especially Earth. Earth exploration has been added to the game, so you have a lot of knowledge. Elements when you build the Earth or the Earth’s atmosphere, and more. Knowledge can be suggestions that appear in the middle of the game interface. Science is always interesting and attracts a lot of players.

Download Idle World 5.3 (Mod, Many Money) for Android screen 1Download Idle World 5.3 (Mod, Many Money) for Android screen 2Download Idle World 5.3 (Mod, Many Money) for Android screen 3Download Idle World 5.3 (Mod, Many Money) for Android screen 4Download Idle World 5.3 (Mod, Many Money) for Android screen 5

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