Journeys: Interactive Series 2.0.82
Version: 2.0.82

Journeys: Interactive Series 2.0.82

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System requirements: 4.4+

Live your own life in your own way, do what you want as you face the consequences yourself. Experience several aspects of life as it is. Explore a world of choices in this latest simulation game from The Other Guys.

Take part in several stories as you get to know several characters in different stories. Lead them through their daily dilemmas, choose the paths you want to take, and explore the stories as they unfold. Explore worlds full of enchanted romances, thrilling adventures, and incredible mysteries in Journey Journeys: The Interactive Series.

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The Story

The game introduces gamers to a world of interactive stories in which you will be both the narrator and the characters. Find your dream life as you guide your characters through different paths.

With Journey Interactive Series, gamers will be introduced to several stories that take place in different situations and situations. Find yourself searching for romance while trying to find happiness in everyday life. Find a way to fulfill your dreams by working extra hours to compensate. Experience a completely refreshing and exciting lifestyle and forget about all your struggles.

Find yourself solving unsolved mysteries as you get lost in ancient ruins. Or even live in a magical world where you are a powerful wizard with amazing powers. Anything is possible in the interactive Journeys series, and your journeys will be made public as you progress.


Here you’ll find all the interesting features the game has to offer:

Simple but addictive gameplayFirst, Journey Interactive Series gamers will find it relatively easy to get to know the game. That said, the simple controls make the gameplay features quite accessible. Not to mention, you’ll also enjoy gameplay that requires a bit of thought. Thus, you can enjoy the game at any time and completely relax.

Choose your own stories and play in your own wayIn the game, players will have the chance to choose their own stories with different settings to enjoy. In doing so, you can work in a restaurant to chase your dreams. Be a powerful wizard with hidden powers that are shielded from the world. Join an exploring team on the discovery of unknown ruins. Or even investigate recent incidents as a detective. There’s no limit.

Discover many interesting game charactersTo make the game more friendly and interactive, players can interact with many other characters. Each will come with a specific set of traits and personalities. Find yourself by exploring the relationship system, how you make friends, find love and, of course, enemies.

Here you can develop unique relationships with interesting and lovable characters or have nasty enemies.

Interesting dialogues written by great writers.In addition, Journey Interactive Series also introduces gamers to a lot of fascinating and exciting dialogues that will give you different emotions. Send yourself into the depths of hell with devastating beats. Or fly off a sky-high roof with amazing dialogue. Laugh and cry with Journey Interactive Series.

Lead your characters down different pathsMost importantly, gamers in Journey Interactive Series can play as different characters in different settings and go down different paths. Choose your favorite characters, live your stories, and create different gameplay by choosing different paths. Let the world of romances, mysteries, dramas and thrillers open up.

Many different series for you to chooseThe game currently features 7 different interactive series that you can choose and enjoy at any time. With each series, players will be presented with several stories that will show you some unique aspects of life.

Linda Brown – Follow in the footsteps of a promising young singer from New York City as she travels to her friend’s wedding. Guide her paths by helping her find romantic prefects and complete her dreams.Zoe: African’s Heart – A mysterious girl moves to New York to try to lead a normal life without worrying about others. Find yourself accidentally caught up in an investigation and discover the use of your powers.Princess Accidental – Become a famous actress and meet a hot racer as you embark on your wild and exciting journey.

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