Killer Bean Unleashed 5.07
Version: 5.07

Killer Bean Unleashed 5.07

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System requirements: 4.0+

While the action itself can make a big difference in a mobile game, your game will need a good story to impress other players. And to really satisfy your gaming experience, you need two of these elements to work hand in hand with each other. With this amazing mobile game from Killer Bean Studios, Android gamers can fully enjoy the epic gameplay action.

Get ready to join our unbeatable hero, Killer Bob, on his unbeatable quests to defeat enemies through multiple action levels, platforming and 2D shooting. Pick up several weapons with special effects and attributes. Unleash your smooth and clever moves together with our hero. Go through several levels in the game and enjoy the dynamic gameplay to the fullest.

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Story / Gameplay.

Here in Killer Bean Unleashed, Android gamers will have the chance to follow Killer Bean, a former member of an elite assassination society, on his epic quest to destroy the very organization that betrayed him. Experience exciting and thrilling game stories with lots of exciting events. And at the same time have absolute fun with awesome gameplay as you progress.

Go through several game levels with different gameplay and exciting settings. Also enjoy escalating challenges with increasing difficulty levels that will make the game fun for players. Also discover tense and addictive 2D gameplay with lots of interesting mechanics to work with.

Enjoy working with a variety of in-game weapons and ammo, each with its own unique capabilities and attributes. Provide awesome and exciting action gameplay on every level you’re on. Hone your skills, discover new features, and enjoy the game even more.


Here are all the exciting features the game has to offer:

Intuitive touch controls to workHere in Killer Bean Unleashed, Android gamers can have fun with the game’s intuitive touch controls, making it much easier for gamers to become familiar with the mobile game. Feel free to move around with just three motion buttons and one shooting option. This will allow you to comfortably enjoy the game in your own way.

Lots of intense levels with different and evolving gameplayWith lots of exciting in-game levels, Killer Bean Unleashed will introduce Android gamers to their unbeatable shooter-style gameplay. Feel free to tackle exciting challenges with unique and immersive gameplay. And as the level difficulty increases, the game never gets boring, especially when you’re still playing it.

Thrilling animations and thrilling cutscenes.To keep gamers engaged in exciting game stories, Killer Bean Unleashed also offers plenty of special animations and thrilling cutscenes with stunning visuals and interesting subtitles. Enjoy watching these incredible cutscenes as well as following the stories of our heroes.

Awesome game modes to experienceA for those of you who are interested, you can now have fun with several game modes in Killer Bean Unleashed that offer exciting gameplay and unique gameplay options for you. Feel free to follow the story mode if you want to join our hero’s journey to the very end. Take advantage of the mega levels to test your problem-solving skills. And enjoy unbeatable shooting ranges in survival mode to achieve maximum results.

Interesting action and platforming elementsHere in Killer Bean Unleashed, Android players can enjoy exciting gameplay with added platforming elements. Perform perfect jumps and jumps off walls to overcome many obstacles. Destroy your opponents during a lot of intense action in a 2D shooter. And always plan ahead, considering the many tactical elements in the game.

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