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Lamar - Idle Vlogger 120_09-15

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Your life has been too complicated, and now you only have one way to become a vlogger. Lamar – Idle Vlogger is the place where you can reach your full potential and overcome all challenges. It is a famous simulation game in which you participate in this exciting story. Incorporate impressive videos and poetic scenes into your own posts. Only you can get rich and have the life of your dreams.


In the past, you have always lived in slums and led a not-so-good life. But with intelligence, you have borrowed a phone from friends. This is to take every opportunity to record your scenes and publish them online. As a result, you attract viewers with your wit and grace. From now on, your life will be better than before.

You always take every opportunity to be able to record wherever you are. Creating more useful content will help you create many great websites. You are known as a regular video blogger with memorable statements. Impressions of all the people you’ve had, and now you’re loved by the media and everyone. You should be grateful to your friends for giving you the opportunity to be who you are today.


Players need to know how to create new and unique content to attract viewers. In particular, Lamar – Idle Vlogger always gives you new opportunities to develop your own content. Go to many places, discover many new things and capture them all for all to see. Share new content to attract more subscribers to your site.

You have to choose your friends who will participate in the challenge, because they will support you a lot. Players need to use helpful hints from the game to develop an overall direction. Players also need to be flexible in switching camera angles and using the correct rotation directions. In particular, focus and promote dubbing opportunities so that sound quality can meet the audience’s needs.

LIKE MORE viewers.

At Lamar – Idle Vlogger this time, you need to focus on attracting a large number of viewers. Every person who signs up for your website will get a certain amount of money, and many people will get different amounts of money. These funds will help you expand your devices and meet all of your audience’s needs. In particular, you should also add new content to attract viewers and get more subscribers.

Difficulties will pass, but wins will last forever. Lamar – Idle Vlogger always does intriguing things during the game so you can watch his unique features. More intriguing is the fact that you always develop material that meets all the basic criteria and thus attracts a large number of people. The game will constantly give you challenges to see if you can pass them easily.

– Know how to take advantage of opportunities to help yourself overcome these adversities and poverty.

– Become a famous vlogger with the most impressive movies and recordings in the world today.

– Hunt for news, mystery ads to attract a large audience.

– Discover new content, new information from which to make a raucous social media statement.

– Attract a large number of viewers and thereby create great websites for others to sign up for you.

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