Legend Clover DMM 1.26.5
Version: 1.26.5

Legend Clover DMM 1.26.5

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System requirements: 8.0+

Legend Clover is a role-playing game in which the player will control characters to logically attack enemies that appear on the field. Each character has an attack or support skill to help players overcome difficult battles. At the same time, an impressive number of characters are waiting for you to unlock and unlock their potential.


The Christmas event can be considered one of the key events in Legend Clover, and there you can find activities that you can do. Through these activities you will be able to unlock impressive items, and especially you will have a chance to unlock Gille de Rae. As for the gacha mechanics, there will also be banners that you can use to spin and summon powerful characters against the many other enemies in the game.


Since there are many dangerous creatures in the world of Legend Clover, they will be confronted by heroes. Our protagonist wants to become a legendary hero, so he is forced to engage in dangerous battles with enemies in the game. At the same time he will not be alone on this journey, he will be led by the girl of destiny, Jeanne. She will fully support you in many different circumstances.


In Legend Clover, their main character is a character with a sword and his teammates are spearmen. When you enter a match, you will see enemies appear on the field and you will carefully attack and support. You will select the character you want to control, and from there you will see tiles that you can move to. From there you will select a skill, which is activated when the character arrives at the location you specify.

The skills you can choose are completely varied, as it can be a powerful attack or support. They all have one thing in common: the need to cover the audience for which you want to use the skill. If you choose to attack the enemy, there will immediately be a small fight between the character and the enemy. It only stops when the enemy is defeated, and the number of characters you control in the game will increase as you meet new teammates.


On your way to becoming a hero in Legend Clover, you’ll spend time overcoming many challenges to increase your power. You’ll be able to level up quickly with items. At the same time, you also gain new abilities when you reach a certain state and make sure that the number of stars you own is never fixed. You’ll need several fragments to improve your character, and one way to collect them is to unwind a gacha.

The game offers gacha banners to spin up the character you want with a certain amount of resources. That being said, it will take a fair amount of time for each character to reach their maximum potential, and you certainly won’t be able to take your eyes off of their beauty and charm.

Players will be fully engrossed in the journey to become a hero in the game:

An impressive world with many enemies that you will face to become a hero and save it.You will engage in tactical battles where you will decide who you will defeat and use skills correctly.The number of characters you can control in the game is completely varied, allowing you to create many impressive tactics.The gach system can impress any player and they can recruit new characters for their team.Many mechanics determine the strength of the character and you cannot ignore what happens to

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