Life Choices 1.2.11
Version: 1.2.11

Life Choices 1.2.11

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System requirements: 4.4+

Although this is a puzzle game, and it sounds boring at first, it is a game that will give you the best experience of the exciting challenges that await you. Also, if you are no longer interested in simulation games in which you are not free to make your own choices, this game is sure to satisfy all your desires. Start your journey to reach new goals and discover hidden surprises in this puzzle game.


Life Choices will guide you from one surprise to the next, constantly offering unique features, even just beginning to experience, in addition, you will be integrated into this world and begin your quest. The city you move into is in trouble and needs repairs to get back to its original state, so your mission is to help Unicivil fulfill the requirements and open a new city of your own. In addition, you need to bring new residents to this town and live like a real local.

However, the game will give you puzzles that will make you think carefully to answer, so always be careful and give the right answers to overcome the difficulties. You don’t have to be fixed in this game, but you are free to transform into many different characters depending on the task you are doing, so start your journey now.


The game won’t ask you to do anything, but you can, so play it to your own style and game requirements. Life Choices will be a place where you can express yourself with more than 1,000 custom choices between characters. Your mission is to rebuild and live your life; you also decide their fate by asking tough questions along the way, so don’t be surprised if you start with one child and end up with an old man.

In addition, you need to build and repair houses in Unicoeville to get the town working again like it used to. The game will provide you with crisp 3D graphics, allowing you to easily observe the town and quickly remodel the houses. In addition, your way of life will be reflected in each character with different characters, so complete the quest based on your intelligence.


In this game, you will live and work as a regular person, so the first important factor is that you must find yourself a stable job to be able to survive and make a living in a harsh city. Life Choices will give you a variety of options, so you can find a job that’s right for you, including a doctor, a police officer, or even the president. However, the first step you need to take is to finish university to be able to develop further.

The exciting thing about this game is that you don’t have to live up to any kind of framework, because here you are on your own. Becoming a superhero is a good idea if you’re passionate about saving the world or becoming a king ruling the earth. Even if you are lazy and want a more leisurely life, you can become unemployed and make money by serving others.


The new levels you unlock will have more interesting stories with many unique and equally appealing features. As mentioned above, this game will allow you to live with your style so you can be good or bad. However, you will need to fight in the karma leaderboards at the beginning of your role as a villain to take the top spots and prove your strength. In addition, you will face a number of difficult challenges that will require players to make the right choices so as not to regret and achieve new goals. Be careful, because the puzzles of the following levels are not easy, and negligence can lead to unpredictable consequences.


A puzzle game with new themes promises to bring you the most unique experience, the game will not be enclosed in boring stories, but you will discover a lot of new thingsBegin the quest with interesting stories revolving around the town of Unicoville. In addition, you need to build and repair the town to bring it back to its original state.The game will give you the freedom to choose your own characters and live their lives, so you just need to find a character that matches your personality and then participate in quizzes.

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