Lilys Garden 2.31.0
Version: 2.31.0

Lilys Garden 2.31.0

System requirements: 5.0+

Candy Crush Saga or Blossom Blast Saga are familiar 3-in-a-row cell phone puzzles that almost everyone knows. “Match-3” is known for its simple, highly addictive gameplay that makes it easy to keep players engaged for hours. Other three-in-a-row games, such as Lily’s Garden, also have a story that makes the attraction that much more appealing. I believe that if you play Lily’s Garden once, you will be addicted for a long time. 


Lily’s Garden around the character Lily along with the building into his aunt’s garden. Lily’s aunt is on vacation in Europe with her husband. Therefore, she can no longer take care of her garden. Unfortunately, there was a thunderstorm last time. And it made her garden devastated. The trees were destroyed and the furniture was old and badly damaged. She asked Lily to take care of the garden and fix it up. She hopes everything will be green before the holiday is over. Please help Lily finish the job.

Dirty Hands in Lily’s Garden.

Overall, the gameplay in Match-3 seems to be the same, and nothing has changed. The game’s interface is a board containing different colored stones in different shapes. Players will try to pick up stones of the same type to remove them from the game board and score points. Typically, each level of the game is associated with a task and a specific task that the player must complete. If the player completes the task, the task is complete. For example, to fix the dome in the garden, players need to remove 20 yellow stones and 15 blue stones, or to buy a new flower pot, players need to score 20,000 marks.

The task system in Lily’s Garden is varied and regularly updated. Players take turns completing each mission to fix each area in the garden, planting trees and buying more items to make the garden more beautiful. However, the missions will have an ever-increasing difficulty, the demands will be more difficult, and the number of moves will be limited. Players must watch during the game to create combos, removing more rocks to complete the mission. Sometimes players will have to play the game over and over again to get through, so don’t hesitate.

In addition to matching 3-in-a-row puzzles, players can also meet and interact with other friendly neighbors, such as Luke’s beautiful neighbor and others.


Lily’s Garden has been designed quite nicely for a drawn cartoon style. The author knows how to properly color and perspective to create a beautiful garden adorned with bright colors. Overall, the game scene is quite impressive; Players will be immersed in an open space with a fresh atmosphere. At the same time, players also enjoy the melodious background music, making the spirit more relaxed. A very exciting game, released completely free as Lily’s Garden, will not disappoint you. Download and start the experience now.

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