Lords Mobile: War of the Kingdoms 2.86<br />
Version: 2.86

Lords Mobile: War of the Kingdoms 2.86

System requirements: 4.0+

Find yourself joining hundreds of millions of online gamers from around the world as you immerse yourself in the epic world of Lords Mobile . Explore magical and mythical lands filled with majestic creatures, powerful heroes, and stunning castles.

Immerse yourself in epic battles between massive armies. Take on your enemies in spectacular siege battles or go head to head in a huge battlefield. Build your bases and expand your territories through incredible conquests. Command your armies and conquer lands as you go.

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In the game, players will have the opportunity to create their own kingdom and recruit their armies to fight against others. Build your base with many different buildings to produce goods and gather resources. Fortify your base with strong walls, mighty towers, and lead your troops out of barracks.

Lead your armies into exciting siege battles against others or challenge them head-on in massive battlefields. Unlock multiple tactics and approaches to take on enemies as you claim victories. Join friends and online gamers as you immerse yourself in this once-in-a-lifetime strategy game.

Immerse yourself in a mythical world of magical creatures and powerful heroes. Lead them into battle against ferocious monsters and ruthless enemies. Defeat them as you strive to create a powerful kingdom.


Here you’ll find all the exciting features the game has to offer:

Explore massive open world environmentsFrom the bat, gamers will find themselves having access to a massive in-game open world environment with tons of different things for you to do. Feel free to choose your kingdom, create your castles, and start laying the foundation for a great empire when you’re ready.

Feel free to make friends and allies with other players as you join forces to protect your own kingdoms. Explore multiple locations along your quests throughout the Land of Lords Mobile. Take on multiple challenges with different requirements and great rewards.

Immerse yourself in several game modes and activities in Lords Mobile, from taking down enemies in massive battlefields to epic siege battles. You’ll find that you have many different things to do in this massive open-world game.

Rule the entire kingdom as the absolute omnipotentIn the game, players will have the chance to rule their own kingdom as an emperor with absolute powers. Feel free to do whatever you want as the only omnipotent of men. Be a great king or dictator as long as you want to be.

Lead your kingdom to prosperity by building strategic economic buildings, unlocking several upgrades, gaining full power blocks to protect your bases, and leading them into battle. Defeat enemies and take control of more territory as you go.

Plus, the game even lets you experience a great level of control with the Raze or Occupy options whenever you take over a new territory. Collect quick cash by destroying structures or giving people freedom and prosperity in the long run. These calls are yours, and you will never regret your decisions.

Build your army with multiple troops and heroesWith constant conflict and battles, every ruler must allow his kingdom to prosper by having troops and armies properly trained and upgraded. In addition, you must also build the right army with the right units to carry out missions.

Each unit will have its own unique abilities and abilities that make them suitable for certain roles in your armies. Make sure that you build a strong squad with balanced powers for certain tactical objectives.

In addition, the game also has powerful heroes that you can lead into battles and challenge your enemies. Each hero will have their own unique skills and personalities that make them act differently during each battle. Depending on your tactical approaches, you can use multiple unit settings.

In addition, gamers in Lords Mobile will also encounter unique monsters that can be captured, tamed and turned into partners.

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