Lost Light 1.0 b10002
Version: 1.0 b10002

Lost Light 1.0 b10002

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System requirements: 5.0+

You’ve always dreamed of becoming a great marksman, participating in exploring every bloody battlefield with your teammates, and then coming straight to Lost Light . It will be a choice that could not be more fitting. This is a shootout game based on a mobile platform. A place where dramatic survival combat shooters take place. The game has both single-player and cooperative modes, ensuring the most varied gameplay possible.

Turn into a good shooter to join every battlefield

“Lost Light” is set in a base area full of danger. The game will allow you to play as a prominent member of a special organization called “Firefly.” Let’s join this and that and team members in fierce battles to unlock unique storylines in this base area. The game features state-of-the-art weapons, so you can fight comfortably on every level. In addition, the game also upgrades attractive gifts in each mission or when you participate at full attendance. Not only that, but you can also change the configuration settings to suit your playing style, with hundreds of pieces available to choose from at any time.


Lost Light also has survival settings for the character in the game, including all major body parts. Players will need to balance and maintain these body parameters so that the character can fight at his or her best. To ensure optimal health for the character, the player must use all available equipment as long as weapons come, including pistols, grenades, vests, and lots of support equipment.

All of this equipment must be set up before a firefight begins. After completing a level, you’ll receive related items; the more enemies you destroy, the more items you’ll earn. Use all these useful items to improve your character and support him in battle.


Lost Light also contains a huge collection of weapons and gear. Including pistols, rifles, AKM assault rifles and more for you to choose from, you can fire a single shot or fire a machine gun. But it only opens according to character level, requiring that you destroy all enemies to be able to unlock more weapons. Not only does it make combat easier, the shotgun also has a magnifying glass so the player can easily identify the enemy at long range and aim as accurately as possible.


Not only that, but the game also allows you to team up with other players to form a team to join each battlefield. In addition, you can also set the right to interact with any player via microphone or chat message. When you are unfortunately defeated, you can summon another player for help, and any items you collect in that level will belong to the other player. This social interaction allows you to diversify your gameplay.

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