LoveUnholyc 2.21.6
Version: 2.21.6

LoveUnholyc 2.21.6

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System requirements: 5.0+

Love stories always attract many people because they bring color to life. Whether sad or happy, love is still an indispensable memory for everyone; without it, life would become much drier. Poems, literary works on the theme of love have existed extensively throughout history and are still passed down to this day. There are also many games in the gaming world with fascinating love stories, and one of them is the game Love Unholyc: Like Vampire Ikemen . If you’re a girl and haven’t found your love yet, this game will bring you an exciting love experience.

Real Time Dating Dark Fantasy Romace

Coming into the game, players will play a girl with an innocent and sweet personality with very prominent white hair. Her character is the same as any high school-aged girl, but her personality is not the same. She is not human, but a species called Unholyc, a creature born between humans and demons. That race is vampires, but this girl looked nothing like any vampire humans have ever thought of. But now she is only an incomplete Unholy, and to become official she must contract with a man at a mature age. Her goal was to get into this school, but her charisma, thanks to her extraordinary strength, has exceeded all expectations. She attracts a handsome guy, and up to three men are willing to come to her. So where’s the player’s choice?

Chat via text.

Couples often use their smartphones to chat and text each other. This is not usually included in other games because it complicates the game and makes it more difficult. But to make the game more authentic, the creative team has added this feature to the game so players can experience it. Players will be given a phone so they can text with the guys. There is also a computer on which you can do lots of other interesting activities in the player’s room. Another exciting feature of the game that players can’t ignore is video calling. This feature will not appear in the same genre, but the game has added to make it more interesting.

The Right Choice

In the game, the player has to make choices in order to continue the story of the game uninterrupted. When players write with the guys, the player will be shown many different answers to choose from. The player only has to choose one answer to continue the story and come to a different ending. Although there are many choices, the basic option is to choose between the three boys contracted with me. Each has a different personality, and players need to figure out who they want to contract. There are many different endings in the game that players can explore. Each player’s choice will lead to a different ending, making the game that much more exciting.

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