Manor Cafe 1.144.20
Version: 1.144.20

Manor Cafe 1.144.20

System requirements: 4.1+

For loyal fans of the famous My Café and Gardenscapes, you can find yourself in another amazing puzzle adventure with this new game from GAMEGOS. Discover brand new gameplay and fascinating stories as you explore and experience the stunning gameplay of Café Manor , in which you’ll have the opportunity to explore businesses and other interesting elements.

Begin your journey by moving into your newly acquired manor house, where your great dreams will begin. Start your business by renovating worn out places and turn the old homestead into a new landmark in town. Have fun with lots of exciting three-in-a-row puzzles as you progress through the game and solve them to overcome your challenges and earn special rewards.

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The Story

Android gamers enjoy a thrilling puzzle and simulation game in which you turn your old estate into a popular restaurant business. Start by moving in, meeting Meg the manager and Bruno the evil chef as you begin your own stories at the cafe estate.

Get involved in many aspects of the business through intuitive and interesting stories. And every time you encounter any problems, Android gamers can also have fun with wonderfully designed three-in-a-row puzzles. Take on certain puzzles at different levels and different difficulties, unlocking special rewards and progressing through the game.

Explore the estate and unlock multiple areas as you progress through the game. Reconstruct and renovate abandoned areas by renovating the bar, dining room, rooms and garden. Make new changes and styles to the houses with your own unique settings. And finally, uncover the hidden secrets behind the downfall of the once glorious restaurant.

And in addition to the addictive gameplay, Android gamers in Manor Café will also enjoy detailed and brilliantly constructed three-in-a-row games that are “completely different from one another.” Take part in many aspects of running a restaurant and experience the chill rural lifestyle. At the same time, feel free to decorate your restaurant the way you wanted with amazing options.


Here are all the amazing features the game has to offer:

Fun and intuitive gameplay controls with interactive elementsStart the game with access to an enjoyable restaurant controlling gameplay where Android gamers can explore the extensive in-game elements. Learn how to manage your estate by interacting with the other main characters as you talk and help them complete several tasks. Sort out everything that goes on in your restaurant and make your own choices to solve certain problems or solve other issues. Providing interactive and immersive gameplay, Android gamers will be completely hooked on their experience.

Enjoy simple but extremely addictive match-three levelsAnd for those of you who are interested, the game also features exciting three levels for gamers to relax and get away from running a restaurant. Here you can have fun tearing off tasty pieces of candy as you unlock the exciting three levels. Go through the levels to solve your restaurant’s problems and earn incredible rewards. Enjoy uniquely and brilliantly designed levels as you progress through the game.

Feel free to design and decorate your homesteadIn addition to making the game more interesting, you are also free to design and decorate your restaurant with the many options available. Take advantage of the in-game stores where you can purchase several pieces of furniture, appliances, equipment and decorations for your restaurant. With these items you can easily change the look and operation of your restaurant. Discover incredible fun with the game by immersing yourself in the aesthetics of Manor Café.

Discover fascinating stories and incredible mysteries as your progressFurthermore, as you progress through the game, amazing stories and incredible secrets about Manor Café will also be revealed in the most interesting ways. Here at Manor Café, you’ll enjoy exciting and thrilling stories every time you turn it on again.

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