Marshmello Music Dance 2.0.4
Version: 2.0.4

Marshmello Music Dance 2.0.4

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System requirements: 4.4+

Music games have undergone significant changes in the last five years. It has changed its face, no longer simple games that show musical notes and make monotonous sounds. On the contrary, it is a diversification of gameplay, allowing players to enjoy many different experiences, tasks as in a real game. Moreover, music games nowadays are really a game designed to help keep people entertained. Previous music apps often required people to have a little knowledge of music theory and musical instrument skills. I think 90% of gamers don’t know how to play musical instruments. Nevertheless, a music game is now like an arcade game, just stay with it with a few movements like tapping, dragging and swiping… A simple example of a thriving music game is Piano Titles. Just click and hold.

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Marshmello Music Dance is also a music game set in the modern era. The characteristics of that period greatly influenced its design. First of all, it’s a music game, but it’s more about EDM. It is the vibrant music that is a good basis for the game to become known and catch market trends. Later it used the Marshmello brand image. This is one of the things young people are most excited about. Using live and dance music with your idol creates a new style for this game. If you’ve ever played Audition before, you may feel that the design is somewhat similar. The characters and backgrounds are colorfully rendered using full three-dimensional graphics. All three factors are players, characters, and music blending together to create a musical flow, sometimes gentle as streams.

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In fact, these games won’t have overly complex controls so that players can express themselves in the simplest way possible. In Marshmello Music Dance, of course, the main character will be the famous DJ Marshmello. It’s a clever combination of the old Audition piece on Piano Titles. The player will see a music stream consisting of three different streams, such as piano titles, where the notes appear, you can touch them to activate them. Depending on the requirements and difficulty of each level, the notes will have an individual setting that allows the player to perform a variety of movements to achieve an effect in their dance. As for the dance, Marshmello will definitely be the main character in the center of the screen. Based on the notes you play, he will move and create attractive dances. Perhaps this is a way to distract players from the gameplay. Don’t look at the great choreography, but forget that you have to touch the notes. In addition, to make the gameplay even more intense, “Marshmello Music Dance” adds many different characters for the player to choose from. They will be famous figures in the world of world music and especially in today’s DJ market.

Download Marshmello Music Dance 2.0.4 (Mod, Unlocked) for Android screen 1Download Marshmello Music Dance 2.0.4 (Mod, Unlocked) for Android screen 2Download Marshmello Music Dance 2.0.4 (Mod, Unlocked) for Android screen 3Download Marshmello Music Dance 2.0.4 (Mod, Unlocked) for Android screen 4Download Marshmello Music Dance 2.0.4 (Mod, Unlocked) for Android screen 5

When I start playing the game itself hard freesit and really uncomfortable fix please fix the game is good

I’ve loved it since the first launch!) I hope it will always be like this)

I do not like it in the first place there is not real to get into a rhythm in the second there need to pump Persian in the third when you miss say ew Game sucks