Miga City : World 1.46<br />
Version: 1.46

Miga City : World 1.46

System requirements: 4.1+

Miga Town: My World is an open-world game that emphasizes creativity and exploration for all ages, especially children. This game allows players to discover everything on a global level, be it fashion, style, culture, design, location, etc. D. Everything has a lot of knowledge for players to build their world. In short, this game has no limits or points for constant player activity. Nevertheless, it emphasizes the element of freedom, allowing players to enjoy doing what they love and even become an important figure. In addition, players can create and manage their own businesses and make the best of what they’ve never experienced in real life.


Miga Town has gameplay geared primarily toward a children’s audience, so it’s friendly and beautiful, suitable for all ages. The game has beautiful cartoonish graphics with humorous, even simple and understandable characters. The game world is huge and endless, with an emphasis on creativity so that players are free to build for themselves a city and run it the way they like. Impressive gameplay is the clean and smooth interface, displaying all the areas or businesses that players want to explore. In addition, the game emphasizes the element of exploration and reimagines key elements of the player’s world.


This game will recreate all of the most basic elements of the world with the utmost accuracy and simplicity. The game was originally aimed at the children’s market and at the same time wanted them to explore the basics of the world around them. Of course, players will have the opportunity to become top managers, even expanding their businesses. The world will also be portrayed vividly and beautifully, with all the areas that interest players, such as fashion, entertainment, recreation and more. All of these factors make the world richer and more diverse, while giving players many interesting visions of the modern world.


The process of managing any business or any area is simple and uncomplicated; even players will be supported with a complete and clean interface to get more out of the game. The player can interact with almost anything on the screen, such as giving orders to employees, operating machines, managing services, etc. The game ensures that players will always have new insights into the world around them, including certain areas or professions. Of course, the freedom element of the game is its twist, allowing players to manage many things at once and ensuring that the fun is always absolute for the player.


Players will run a city or world, not limited to small businesses or certain areas. Players can even enjoy decorating, designing and renovating everything they own, including the world, buildings, cities and businesses. Player creativity is easily displayed in the smallest of details, helping players to relax. In addition, the game will have a diverse design system and a huge store with lots of decorations.


Miga Town offers players not only an endless and creative world, but also its decor and style elements. Of course, players can invite friends to their apartment for a party, interact with characters and have friendly conversations. The fashion and appearance system cannot be arbitrarily introduced immediately. Instead, the player must go to stores such as the hair salon, spa, mall, and many other places to buy an item. The game will continually update new content for players to enjoy, including the aforementioned items.

Cook and enjoy great food

Miga Town has seemingly endless gameplay, including cooking features and mini-parties for players to relax. Players can go to luxury restaurants, order food or buy ingredients to go home and make their own meal. In other words, the game will simulate elements of cooking and cooking, a theme that is widely enjoyed by players of all ages.

Miga Town: My World is one game with endless creativity, which at the same time wants to give players the best experience and feeling when managing a personal world. Players can build, design, develop and interact with everything they see while controlling the city.

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