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Create, explore and survive!

Minecraft is an open-world game that lets you play the role of a character and discover a separate world. This game has four modes to choose from: creative, survival, hardcore, and adventure. In creative mode, you will unleash your imagination to create something. But first you have to search and collect raw materials from the environment, such as stone, wood, meat… All of these materials are provided endlessly, so you don’t have to worry about limited jobs. Once you have a source of material, it’s time to show off your design talent as an architect. Create individual buildings, structures and works of art with your imagination. The game will help you create ancient buildings in European style; you can set up a castle, a large palace or the Big Ben clock tower,…

What’s more, in creative mode, you don’t have to worry about dangers like monsters, beasts or other hunters. You can even dive deep into the sea without worrying about drowning. Sometimes bored, you can also use the flight feature, flying into the sky and free to look and go wherever you want.

Then you can unleash your creativity and create unique architectural works. Sometimes, if you want to live like a farmer, you can also build a house, a garden to grow and feed herds, and lead a peaceful life. If you don’t like this peaceful life, you can play adventure. The Minecraft map is huge, you can explore everywhere from mysterious forests to ancient castles to vast seas. However, no matter where you go or what you do, you need to arm yourself with the weapons and materials you need to defend yourself. Because when night falls, many kinds of evil animals appear.

Fight zombies in survival mode

As for survival mode, you will be as if you were thrown into a world full of danger, without weapons, without food. You will have to cope with hunger, along with the attacks of evil beasts and monsters that appear everywhere. So start searching for resources, build your own weapons and equipment to cope with the dangers. Minecraft has a clear day/night effect, and when night falls, it’s time to hunt monsters. Build houses to hide quickly, try to survive in this world and try to destroy the final boss, Boss Ender the Dragon. In particular, you can choose the difficulty of this game mode. This item is quite useful for newcomers to the game, who are new to the game, do not get bored when the character is constantly dying. If enemies kill you suddenly, you can revive you with Respawn.

As for hardcore mode, this is considered the mode that gives players the most trouble. If you can’t die in creative mode or in survival mode with the respawn feature, you only have one life in this mode. And when you die, everything you create, experience, and items you collect will be completely dissolved. This mode will help you maximize your abilities and survival skills like in a real world setting, although challenging, it will give you an unforgettable experience.

Discover all the worlds in Minecraft

And the last mode, Adventure, is a unique combination between Creative and Survival. You’ll be played as a talented adventurer, traveling everywhere in Minecraft to discover nature, people, cultures and many other mysteries.

Pixel Graphics

Minecraft is built on 2D graphics. However, the images are not as smooth and sharp as in games of the same genre, but are replaced by colorful square shapes. Although the graphics are not Minecraft’s strong point, they create their own character, making players feel extremely appealing. In addition, the sound in this game is used entirely in the Minecraft album, Volume Alpha. This album was created by German sound designer Daniel, including sounds and ambient sounds.

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