fashion game dress up 7.0<br />
Version: 7.0

fashion game dress up 7.0

System requirements: 4.4+

Becoming a fashion designer is really interesting when a lot of people want me to create costumes for the whole world to admire. Besides, such people are respected and praised by many. Sensing that the whole world is hungry for their designs, artists and celebrities regularly wear products they think are really good. International Fashion Stylist: Model Design Studio is a game released on Google Play by

If anyone doesn’t know, it’s a viral publisher that has marketed products for this game. “Fashion Diva” and “Star Fashion Designer” are two of the most mentioned names when someone wants to test a real clothing design game. Their third product will definitely continue to follow the intended path of the two brothers. This is understandable, as it defines the player’s gameplay behavior and is immediately recognized by many people. If you’re a true fashion fan, you’ll quickly realize that everything in the game is really well thought out. The models in “International Fashion Stylist: Model Design Studio” are drawn with standard proportions and beautiful faces, in real expression. The costumes in the game are also dedicated children of the creative team. Each patch update features brand new accessories,

New and original accessories, outfits.

As mentioned above, the latest patch “International Fashion Stylist: Model Design Studio” still features 84 chic tops, 85 gorgeous dresses, 74 bottoms, 69 pairs of shoes, 72 jewelry, 73 bags AND 97 cool accessories, … These are probably not the most famous designers, but definitely the most fashionable outfits. Any outfit, players can combine them together and feel very sensible. You have all the world-famous people in your studio. They are always ready to wear the latest collections you create.

The game is easily accessible, the competition is high, but not too fast

Basically, it’s still a fancy game for kids, so it’s easier to play. You’ll have your own studio, and you’ll welcome many different clients here. Celebrities, supermodels, business moguls and many others want to be your model – the Elite want you to be their stylist for movie releases, annual galas and world conferences. Those who need a fashion accent can ask for help. The other thing is that players can also compete against others in the game. One-on-one matches with other players will determine who is the more talented designer. After each such victory, your standing in the industry will increase.

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