Modern Ops - Shooters Online<br />
Version: 7.94

Modern Ops - Shooters Online

System requirements: 4.4+

Immerse yourself in this classic Counter Strike gameplay while you enjoy FPF at its highest level. Gather your weapons and join your squads in this epic mobile shooter game from Edkon Games, in which you engage in both battles.

Choose between hundreds of different weapons from a huge arsenal, and put on lots of useful gear and accessories to help you in your quests. Join millions of online players in this epic shooter game on mobile devices.

Enjoy this incredible and addictive shooter whenever and wherever you want. Learn more about the game with our reviews.

The Story

In the game, players will join others in a final clash between two armed forces. On one side, we have fully armed Black Ops shooters who are determined to accomplish their missions. And on the other side, we have brave terrorists and criminals who will do everything in their power to complete their missions.

Who will win in this epic competition? It’s up to you to decide. Choose between the two sides and pick up their unique weapons as you fight your enemies in intense battles. Play as different units that have unique abilities and powers to increase your chances of winning. Challenge the greatest players in the Modern Ops world and climb the prestigious leaderboards.


Here you’ll find all the exciting features the game has to offer:

Simple and addictive gameplayFirst and foremost, gamers in Modern Ops will have access to simple but addictive gameplay. With intuitive and optimized touch controls, you’ll find the game extremely enjoyable. Not to mention, the in-depth gameplay with multiple weapons, maps, and game modes is sure to satisfy you.

Choose between dozens of different weapons and equipmentTo make your shooting tasks that much more interesting, the game features more than 30 different types of modern weapons, as well as other useful combat equipment. And your character can be fully equipped with powerful weapons, protective gear, and more.

Not to mention, you can even choose awesome weapons such as sentry guns, rocket launcher, or drone strike from the Assassinations weapons. This will allow you to choose multiple strategies as you play, making the game much more varied.

Multiple maps with unique settingsModern Ops introduces gamers to exciting gameplay in which you not only have access to powerful weapons, but also unique maps that you can freely explore. Fight your opponents in an abandoned military base, in a deserted Middle Eastern village, or even inside a massive building. Test your skills and abilities in a variety of environments and landscapes.

Join your friends and online gamers in epic PvP battlesMost importantly, players in Modern Ops will have chances to challenge millions of online players from around the world in epic PvP battles. Here, the game supports exciting online combat with up to 10 different players. Join your friends and other online players as they battle the world’s best shooters in this epic shooter game.

For more competitive gameplay, you can join the best gamers in online ranked battles. Compete and defeat your opponents to unlock awesome seasonal buffs and rewards. Rise up the league as you assert yourself as champion.

Explore clan gameplay in Modern OrsIn addition, you can create your own clan or join an existing one. With either, you can start enjoying different clan games. Choose between several locations and lead your teammates to glory by participating in epic clan battles and clan wars.

Complete several quests and missions to earn great rewardsIn addition to the main gameplay, gamers in Modern Ops can also complete many quests and missions that you have been given in the game. Collect epic items while enjoying epic challenges in Modern Ops.

Regular updates with many new featuresRegular updates that include many new items from time to time will force Modern Ops gamers to face many enjoyable challenges. Not to mention, you’ll also have access to new game modes unique to other games.

Download Modern Ops Shooter Online (FPS Shooter) 7.94 (Menu Mod) on Android screen 1Download Modern Ops Shooter Online (FPS Shooter) 7.94 (Menu Mod) on Android screen 2Download Modern Ops Shooter Online (FPS Shooter) 7.94 (Menu Mod) on Android screen 3Download Modern Ops Shooter Online (FPS Shooter) 7.94 (Menu Mod) on Android screen 4