Monster Battle 13.97
Version: 13.97

Monster Battle 13.97

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System requirements: 4.4+

Coming into this game, players will be immersed in another world – one inhabited by mutant monsters. If you have ever had a dream to go on an adventure, to visit a place completely different from the world in which you live, this will be a good opportunity for you to make it come true. During the journey, the player will have to raise and collect the strongest monsters to fight to protect their habitat.


The first step to making players feel exciting and appealing is the extraordinarily attractive and realistic graphics for Android devices with the effects of modern technology. Monster Battle reproduces vivid, high-quality 3D models to create many rare and unusual forms of mutant monsters or beautiful battle scenes between monsters. It has a live sound system that makes players feel like they are experiencing and participating in real battles.

You use augmented reality technology to give players a whole new experience. You will have to explore many places and overcome challenges to discover new places on the map. Building other key components of the necessary technological infrastructure has created a whole new world with functional blocks combined with on-screen arrows to help you understand. Do the right things to be able to improve previously raised monsters to fight for rewards.


Experience Monster Battle, players will be immersed in a world completely different from the real world. You will travel through islands, and these are not ordinary islands, but “monster islands” – home to millions of different mutant monsters. Your task is to raise rare monsters to grow into new monsters. Do you want to build a rich monster system? You will have to follow the requirements of the game.

Coming into the game, you will have to find your own hidden power through the levels and begin a magical journey with mythical and unusual monsters. As each challenge will become more and more difficult, so arm yourself with the coolness and skills necessary to overcome all the dangers and unlock new monster cards. Players must always be on the alert, building a monster world with the most unique and epic journey.


The game allows the player to grow a variety of mutant monsters and then turn them into invincible warriors to fight an army of monsters on the islands on the other side. The appeal of Monster Battle lies in the endless number of levels with increasing difficulty, the monsters you see in the levels as they appear continuously. Of course, their power will also gradually increase. Their power is so great that it’s not enough to deal them just a few blows to make them fall.

Of course, as you go through the different rounds, the level rewards increase as well. This will be your chance to demonstrate your professional and skillful fighting skills to the admiration of all. And to do so, you must carefully calculate to come up with the smartest tactics and win exceptional rewards as you traverse the endless game loop. The results of the battles will be recorded; not only do you accumulate combat experience, but you also get worthy and attractive rewards.


This is a completely free game and you can play it anywhere without an internet connection; the game is easy to install and compatible with most versions of Android.

Build the game in the style of collecting cards corresponding to different mutant monsters and their ranks. In addition to monster cards, there are cards with attractive features that stimulate players, such as summoner cards and monster cards that will give you a very vivid experience.

The summoner card becomes your avatar in the game and enhances the characteristics of the monster cards. It also acts as a ticket to this strange new world. The first time you enter combat, the game will give the player any 1 of the five basic summoners. If you want more cards, players can participate in special events organized by the game. In addition, there are also monster cards, which are important cards that directly participate in battles in various ways.


The gameplay of creating and raising rare monsters is unique, with special features to increase monster ranks.

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