Monster Tales - Multiplayer Match 3 Puzzle Game 0.4.130
Version: 0.4.130

Monster Tales - Multiplayer Match 3 Puzzle Game 0.4.130

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System requirements: 5.0+

In addition to raising and raising cute and powerful monsters in this game of Monster Tales. You also have the task of training their most talented warriors. Go through many adventures in different countries. Fight and defeat the monsters that get in your way. Retrieve the magical treasures. Explore many different places. Become the most talented monster trainer in the world. Only with intelligence and simple controls.

Download Monster Tales mod – Train monsters professionally

You are a mysterious man transported to a magical world. The habitat of strange monsters in mythology. You will begin to nurture the eggs. Wait for them to hatch and you will have a companion. Pick up lots of eggs to get lots of cute monsters. Their initial baby shape is sure to make you fall in love. Over time they grow and develop more and more special details. This is the stage where you will send them into battle. In remote countries, the climate is unstable and dangerous. The trainer’s journey begins.

Challenges await you and the monsters you raise. Symbolizes each mind game combined with team combat. Your team and the opponent will meet face to face. In the middle is a strange chessboard with intertwined colorful symbols. You just have to move them around to make them form reactions. Like many puzzle games such as Candy Crush. The reactions make up the attack of your monster warriors. Fight until you win and move on to the next challenging level.

Train Monster WarriorsMore than 120 monster warriors are trained by you. Go from just an egg to become a warrior with unmatched strength. There are all 5 elements for your warriors. Fire, water, earth, light and darkness. Each monster will have the characteristics of its own element. Like the fire monsters, their color was more like the red of fire. Not to mention, they also have different abilities and skills. Depends on how you feed and grow them. But see for yourself when these adorable monsters get bigger. They’ll be real fighters on the battlefield.

Overcoming the many mysterious landsIn fact, all the lands in Monster Tales are different levels. Each chapter, broken into chapters, represents a new land to explore. Each land in it is a certain number of levels that you will have to fight. Everything will be based on the puzzle mechanism mentioned at the beginning. Each level will be judged by the number of stars, the number of points received, with a maximum of 3 stars. The last level will be the boss fight screen. With a giant boss and lots of dangerous skills. Requires a certain strategy. It’s not just a hit, but it has no effect.

Dramatic online arenaMany story battles with a machine opponent or boss are just the beginning. Don’t believe it? Then try your hand at PvP. The place where the best and smartest players gather. They know how to raise their warriors. Organize your team in a way that makes sense, has communication and strategy. It is unnatural that they rank so high in the rankings. Will you try to put your name on it? If possible, practice hard and be prepared to face it all the time.

Reward System and QuestsGrowing and raising monsters can seem a little difficult if you don’t have enough money or too much time. The daily reward system will do you a favor. You can open a mysterious gift chest every day. This can be a sufficient amount or even a new egg. Not only that, but daily quests and achievements bring a significant amount of rewards. You can play comfortably without worrying about saving money.

Of course, you’ll be very excited and want to download Monster Tales right away and enjoy it. It’s a good sign to develop your thinking and tactics. With puzzles and battles, the levels will help you cope more firmly with the situation. And, of course, an animal lover won’t be able to leave out the Monster Tales mod. Download and train the cute monsters.

Download Monster Tales – Multiplayer Match 3 Puzzle Game 0.4.130 (Mod, High Damage) on Android screen 1Download Monster Tales – Multiplayer Match 3 Puzzle Game 0.4.130 (Mod, High Damage) on Android screen 2Download Monster Tales – Multiplayer Match 3 Puzzle Game 0.4.130 (Mod, High Damage) on Android screen 3Download Monster Tales – Multiplayer Match 3 Puzzle Game 0.4.130 (Mod, High Damage) on Android screen 4Download Monster Tales – Multiplayer Match 3 Puzzle Game 0.4.130 (Mod, High Damage) on Android screen 5