Monster Trainer 2.2.2
Version: 2.2.2

Monster Trainer 2.2.2

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System requirements: 4.1+

The main gameplay of Monster Trainer revolves around battles with monsters. There are many different varieties of monsters, each with both strengths and weaknesses. The goal of this game is to develop your skills and interests in the process of raising different monsters.

The goal of the game character in the game is to become a formidable monster tamer. On the route of the adventure, there are several basic tasks, the completion of which will help his creatures gain experience.

At the same time, many other trainers will test them. The villains who play a role in this retelling kidnap huge numbers of monsters, using their bodies as test subjects and drawing out their powers as they develop perfect weapons with which to destroy humanity. Together, the protagonist and the doctor’s assistant can foil the villain’s insane plan, free the kidnapped creatures, and win the battle against the villain’s boss.


The achievement system works as follows: the more you achieve, the more experienced trainer you become.Learn about everyone and their backstory within the quest system. They can earn prizes by completing their quests.The most beautiful views you’ve ever seen are in the Big World map system, which includes cities, caves, lakes, and more.Game Hall System. Solve puzzles to earn rewards that can be redeemed for coupons.As players explore the land, they can enjoy fights, gorgeous skies, and flowers that grow along the road.Unlocking a mechanism to fight gym leaders is one of the game’s goals.You and your buddies can swap monsters back and forth.Competence is crucial in any battle. Monsters gain new abilities as they mature, and the opportunity for a wide range of skill combinations greatly enhances the overall appeal of the game.

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