My City : Babysitter 4.0.0
Version: 4.0.0

My City : Babysitter 4.0.0

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System requirements: 5.0+

You love adorable children or want to become a nanny, then My City: Babysitter will help you make that dream come true. This is an educational game suitable for both adults and children. Play the role of a babysitter to learn how hard it is to take care of a child in the day-to-day activities of a daycare center. It helps parents and children bond when they can play games together.


The game, which simulates babysitting for infants, was developed by My Town Game Ltd. The company specializes in creating simulation games suitable for all ages, especially young children. My City: Babysitter is a new installment in a series of fun games for kids like My Town. Start a new day and become a babysitter to meet cute little friends. The babysitter has to keep busy with a huge workload around babies.

The gameplay is also simple, with the control buttons displayed on the screen. The virtual joystick has four arrows, so you can move the babies around the various areas designed in the game. When you need to do something, you just need to click on the character and start doing what you want. Turn the children’s costumes into cute personalities and go to different areas with them. There are many costumes to choose from in the game.


Your babysitter’s job is actually to play with them; you’ll take the kids to the park to give them a more engaging play environment. Bus routes will help you get from one place to another in the most convenient and quickest way possible. At the park, take care of the children and let them explore the toys they like. Then take the children home to their own nursery, which also has plenty of games to keep them entertained in the living room.

You take them to the bathroom to clean up after the kids are tired of playing. It’s time to eat, and you’ll feed your child in the kitchen, cooking up a menu to make sure the child eats well. Put the children to bed in their bedroom and rest yourself. The babysitter gets a secret room where you can find lots of fun things to do.


In addition to customizing clothes, you can also buy more toys for the nursery that the kids like better. Or you can also decorate the nursery with beautiful items you can buy. Kindergarten upgrades are huge and fully equipped to accommodate more children and your nursery. In the places and playgrounds where you take the children, you get the children excited; you get lots of unexpected gifts. This can help you level up, or it can be a fun toy.

My City: Babysitter allows players to learn about babysitting in 1 day. You can also tell young children about the difficulties of caring for babies. The game is safe for players, and you can also play with your kids using the multi-touch feature. If you still like the characters in the game, you can import/export the characters into other games in the My Town series.

In this game, players can understand the value of raising young children. The game takes you on a fun walk with lots of cute little ones that will give you a lot of exciting experiences. Many places and activities in the game are waiting for you to explore. This educational game will create a healthy play environment for young children. You can have peace of mind letting young children use it because the game is ad-free and does not require an Internet connection.

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