My City : Friends 3.0.0<br />
Version: 3.0.0

My City : Friends 3.0.0

System requirements: 4.4+

The puppet world presented today, full of excitement, will eventually bring you moments of fun, totally enjoyable and comfortable, just like in My City: College Dorm Friends . There aren’t as many elements to the game as there are rules and mechanics, so anyone can easily access it. At the same time, while playing, you’ll spend time exploring everything in the game and discovering a variety of things to do in the doll world.


Players will enter a world full of excitement that is part of the “My City” series, where players will find a variety of impressive things. You will be impressed the first time you encounter it because of the many different factors, from the design to the characters. In particular, it is a completely colorful environment with many interesting things to touch. So you take your time to experience what presents itself to your liking.

You’ll move through different environments and interact with the things you like. At the same time, you will find that the characters appear as you play and do not move or show any activity. This is a feature of the puppet world in which you will be the one to decide all the actions that take place in it and discover what you can do. This satisfies players’ curiosity and gives them certain attractions.


As for the My City series, everyone will probably recognize the typical gameplay of these games. In My City: College Dorm Friends in particular, players will find many exciting environments and elements and spend time interacting with them. This interaction is simple, just a few touches and dragging them to places I like. Also, sometimes there will be some characters nearby that you can see and give them some items.

The objects in the environment you come to are very varied, such as dishes, food, or some things you can touch. At the same time, they appear all over the world in this game, so you will always be curious as to what happens when you give something to a character or press some button that you find preferable. The elements within this game are fully functional and have accompanying effects, so don’t worry about it being just an empty world.


Once you dive into the world of Dolls, you will completely fall in love and can’t take your eyes off of the fun and varied activities it can bring. Also, the variety doesn’t end there when My City: College Dorm Friends has many different environments that you can look for. These environments have very similar characteristics, namely many environmental factors that can be influenced by the player. Because of this, players will have many opportunities to do what they like.

The variety of discoveries often arises for many reasons, such as events when you affect an object, interactions between characters and the environment. This is ideal for all domains. Also, if there is no character in any environment, you can completely add a character from a menu to a specific location and provide some actions. Your job is to wait for possible events to satisfy your curiosity.

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