My City: Mansion 4.0.0
Version: 4.0.0

My City: Mansion 4.0.0

System requirements: 5.0+

Have you ever imagined yourself living in your own mansion? It’s a place filled with opulence and wealth, and you’re like a princess, a superstar owning a giant castle. Come to My City: Mansion, where you can uncover your explorations and create a multitude of luxurious adventures. Only you have this chance, and only you are worthy of the luxurious life of a superstar with the peak of popularity. You are unique, and only you will create a beautiful luxurious life.


You never expected to have a big, beautiful and fully furnished mansion like a fairy tale. You have a large building with countless specially designed rooms, each decorated in a different style of your choice. All your luxury and noble desires are present in My City: Mansion. The rooms in such a large mansion are sure to create a lot of work for you. As a meticulous and meticulous person, you will inspect every detail of every room in it.

It’s amazing how you can own a garage full of cars, and you’re even rich enough to hire someone to upgrade your cars in seconds. I’m not exaggerating. When you enter this game world, you will become a real rich woman. You will prepare yourself a helicopter so that you can travel to many countries without any problems.

Everything is beyond imagination when your chef – roboChef is full of modernity. They will prepare you epic sushi dishes. Undoubtedly with their qualities, built and painstakingly trained, they have a chance to return to their mansion. They are the ones who will prepare dishes that can be compared to the specialties in the big restaurants. A rich man like you does what you like, arbitrarily putting his subordinates to work.


When you join My City: Mansion, you will be dazzled by the things that exist in this game; big and small surprises will appear one after another, and you will love them. Guess what, a big mansion, how will you own it? It’s not hard to guess what’s in this mansion, it’s all huge spaces and you’re covered in them. The garage is big and full of cars, with its own airport for helicopters. An absolutely indispensable security room to keep an eye on the surroundings, there’s a large swimming pool and more.


The game will be even more fun when you’re in it. There are many famous characters, many different characters for you to choose from. There can be up to 20 different characters in the big city where you are and where your mansion is located. You can switch freely between characters to participate in games in the city. Each character has its own individual style, and the appearance will be the highlight of the character you choose.

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