My City : New York 3.0.0
Version: 3.0.0

My City : New York 3.0.0

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System requirements: 4.4+

Today, children’s games are widespread on the Internet and consist of many different features aimed at creating the best games for children. The founders always put children first, because today the vast majority of children will sooner or later become familiar with technology programs. So the founders are always looking for and coming up with games that are most suitable for children.

My City: New York is a highly rated game for children because of its features and utilities. When creating games for children, relevance is first, then graphics. Graphics should be beautiful, attractive, to touch the psychology of children. Love the colorful colors, the attractiveness of the characters in the game, the small details, but charming. In general, a children’s game is not too complicated, because children only need the form, and the features or complexity of the game are not necessary. But the game should have special features to convince parents to let their children experience it. And the game did that. It’s not hard to answer this question because every parent wants to give their children the best and maximum confidence. It’s always at the forefront of player psychology. Let’s download it so our kids can experience it right away.


My City: New York is a city management game at your fingertips. The aim of the game is to create an adventure, a journey for the players. The game depicts places in the city, such as parks, malls, shopping centers, games, hair salons, restaurants, grocery stores … entirely within the game to create the most authentic experience for players. In each region, players can experience different and similar services in real life. This game is not to be missed, especially for children. By nature, children tend to explore, learn, and love to experience. However, the experience also involves amusement parks, restaurants and clothing stores, attracting more and more children than ever before. The graphics are the focus of the game itself. The colors and player-driven characters are an even bigger plus in the eyes of children and adults alike.


The characters in My City: New York will be chosen by the player, including a family with parents and children. These characters will be found in all the interesting places in the game, as if they were traveling. Go to clothing stores to choose your favorite outfit, to hair salons to choose the right hairstyle, to restaurants and eateries to enjoy the food here, amusement parks are places where young gamers cannot be ignored… Each such place will give players a sense of adventure, an experience like a journey. It’s interesting, isn’t it? No young player can refuse. Players will be free to develop their creativity as they think about choosing things in the game. There is also a central theater where kids can practice and develop their passion.


This is a safe and fun game for kids with no commercials during play, no interruptions that annoy players. There is 1 player group support and many players will support each other. This game is like a puppet game for kids. Hundreds of millions of children have already played this game because it is safe and beautiful. Parental reliability for the game. The game supports a new feature that helps families and children play games on the same screen. All games are interconnected, allowing children to share characters. The highlight of My City: New York is promoting children’s creativity and ability to explore and learn by participating in games. It’s still unclear to hear it, but you need to experience it firsthand to know that the above benefits are completely accurate and much more.

WHY should I play My City: New York?

The answer is that the game has too many features suitable for young children (and the purpose of the game is for children). The safety and fun of the game helps stimulate children’s senses and develop children’s creativity. The content of the game is too much for the imagination. The many unique places and singing features in the game are also very interesting. So the play experience is the right choice for your child.

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