Story about the design of my house 1.3.70<br />
Version: 1.3.70

Story about the design of my house 1.3.70

System requirements: 4.4+

Welcome to the simulation game My Home Design Story , where you will demonstrate your interior design skills and your ability to solve situations as a counselor to a woman with a fascinating life story.


Donna is an incredibly beautiful single mother with little angel Joyce. She is a well-known journalist in New York City, thanks to the popularity of a unique article that attracts so many readers. As her popularity grew and her lucrative job and business grew, it seemed that her career and life would take a new and more desirable step, but it all came crashing down when Donna realized she was having an unwanted pregnancy. She temporarily took the noise out of her workplace to find a quieter place, but then she found precious people and wanted to be Joyce’s father. What’s Donna to do? All you have to do is figure it out.

Game Characteristics.

You will be the one who offers Donna solutions in many areas of life and in a complicated love story with two guys stalking her. One is Ryan, the neighbor who is always sweet and romantic. Or the rich guy, Grey? Who will Donna choose? It all depends on your decision.

Each part of the game will have important components in the decision-making process. And within the choices will be key choices and changes in Donna’s circumstances. Please make reasonable suggestions. Who will Donna meet, and will you find your true love in life? You will be the one who plays an important role in the complex yet compelling love story of her beautiful single mother.

Stylish Interior Design

Also, don’t forget the main part of the game, like designing houses. Put romance aside, but for now it’s time for your creativity to fly free with beautiful ideas for your dream home: from living room design to the most beautiful to create a great space in the bedroom, office and kitchen. Your decorating creativity and talent will decide everything.

With hundreds of different fixtures, your choices are extremely rich, so you can create spaces that are unique to you. The designs range in color from liberal modern to a delicate but close-knit style.

A fascinating puzzle game.

My Home Design Story also features an addictive Match-3 game where players can find a new experience. With thousands of different levels of this Match-3 game, this is the place for endless fun for you without worrying about screen limitations.

With Donna’s entire life in your hands, be a mentor with the best knowledge that will lead the story to a happy ending. Also, show off your design skills and enjoy the puzzle genre right in My Home Design Story. There are so many new things waiting for you in this game. Please download quickly and join the game to learn more.

Download My House Design Story 1.3.70 (Mod, Lots of Money) for Android screen 1Download My House Design Story 1.3.70 (Mod, Lots of Money) for Android screen 2Download My House Design Story 1.3.70 (Mod, Lots of Money) for Android screen 3Download My House Design Story 1.3.70 (Mod, Lots of Money) for Android screen 4Download My House Design Story 1.3.70 (Mod, Lots of Money) for Android screen 5

I downloaded the game and play it, but there are minuses: 1-When you run in one direction if you do not jump to the other side is backwards and more percent can not win 2-player sometimes can not jump twice! 3- Make more clothes, body types so fix it!!!

The app is designed only for people to watch ads, on which the developers and earn. For viewing ads give a bunch of bonuses, levels are easy, you pass instantly, but it’s so designed, after each level watch ads, you want a bonus watch ads and so on indefinitely.