My PlayHome Plus

My PlayHome Plus

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System requirements: 4.0+

My PlayHome Plus Mod APK is a modern dollhouse perfect for digital natives. Consider giving your child a dollhouse in which they can freely dispose of everything, including bedrooms, living room and bathroom. You can use this space for both breakfast and dinner. Lights can be turned off, drinks poured and soap bubbles blown here. Imagine a dollhouse, only no furniture or accessories will ever get lost or broken in it.

Imagining something made in such a way that a toddler could understand and use it also had enough nuance to interest an eight-year-old. Think of the hours, months, or even years your kids could spend playing with a dollhouse… The My PlayHome app is the first of its kind. Because of how interactive everything is, your kids can use and explore whatever they want. Characters go about their daily activities such as eating, sleeping, showering and oral hygiene. Is there a need for a darker atmosphere? Close the blinds! What, you want to hear something else? Change the CD in the player. Compared to other dollhouse games, this one is much better in terms of player interaction, realistic details, comfort and fun.

My PlayHome Plus is an expanded set that combines the original My PlayHome apps into one comprehensive setup. You no longer have to close and reopen multiple apps every time you visit a new home, store, institution, or medical facility. You don’t happen to have any other My PlayHome apps, do you? They will be available for you to use in Virtual City for free. 

If you have any other My PlayHome app installed, it will automatically offer you free access to these areas. There will be a new mall in town! However, the food court is already open. Take a break at one of these four newly opened fast food establishments: The usual suspects in fast food: sushi, pizza, hamburgers, and hot dogs. My PlayHome apps have fascinated kids and shaped the app industry for kids for nearly a decade. Because parents designed it for parents.

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