My Talking Tom 2<br />

My Talking Tom 2

System requirements: 4.4+

Join Tom for more adventures

Make a second visit to your room, a familiar face awaits you there. That’s right, we’re talking about Tom. This cute cat is back with lots of tricks you can join. More minigames, more crazy features and all the same old fun you’ve come to love!

In fact, old features like bathing, sleeping and eating are back, and there’s more to add to the excitement. Experience them all with Tom and friends.

Also, not everyone is a fan of pet simulators. That’s not a problem – there are still plenty of extra games for everyone in the free My Talking Tom 2 game. If you’ve ever experienced what it’s like to raise your own cat … but more lively than try this game!

Honestly, Tom I’m much more capable than the average cat. There’s no mess, no stray hair to pick up, and no nasty meowing. It’s like owning your own cat, but with all the best details.

What to do in My Talking Tom 2.

So, what can I do in My Talking Tom 2? It’s simple, take care and play with cute Tom.

The arcade-style mini-games are some of the best in a game whose main genre is unrelated. Being a pet simulator, coloring, snakes and other games are a warm welcome so no one gets bored.

On the other hand, you can always spend most of your tack taking care of Tom. This sweet kitty needs a lot of love, care and attention. Which is easier said than done.

Tom has been outside too long and is starting to smell. Look at those flies, time for a bath! Also, he looks a little tired, why not send Tom to bed and get some rest.

You can even change the style by customizing your “Tom”! Don’t forget to check out all the different skins and additional accessories.

There are so many different options to enjoy to the fullest.

What’s more, as a virtual pet, you can take care of Tom EVERYWHERE and EVERYWHERE! Hey, that coffee shop doesn’t allow pets? Well, too bad! Tom is your virtual kitty, so wherever you go, he goes.

The more we talk about it, the more likely someone will choose Tom over a boring, regular pet cat.

GraphicsCertainly, the game looks great! Tom is as lively and cartoonish as ever! The graphics and visuals are fully rendered in 3D, and Tom looks amazingly full of life!

Enjoy spending time with him and his friends.

Download My Talking Tom 2

Download My Talking Tom 2 (Mod, Many Money) for Android screen 1Download My Talking Tom 2 (Mod, Many Money) for Android screen 2Download My Talking Tom 2 (Mod, Many Money) for Android screen 3Download My Talking Tom 2 (Mod, Many Money) for Android screen 4Download My Talking Tom 2 (Mod, Many Money) for Android screen 5