Ninja Arashi 1.6
Version: 1.6

Ninja Arashi 1.6

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System requirements: 4.1+

Ninja Arashi is an adventure game from the developer Black Panther. This game is conceived as an intense platformer combining RPG elements. In this game you will become Arashi, a legendary ninja who tries to recover his son kidnapped by the devil Orochi. With plenty of excellent acrobatic weapons, you’re ready to confront enemies or formidable traps.

With simple but engaging gameplay, Ninja Arashi will truly give you an incredible experience and thrilling moments. All you have to do in this game is collect diamonds and gold from your enemies and use them to improve your abilities. By doing so, you’ll easily handle the complexity of the game. Dive into the game now!

The Tale .

The game itself begins with the main character, Arashi, a former ninja assassin. His poor wife was unfortunately killed by the main villain, the devil Orochi. After that, Orochi kidnapped Arashi’s son. So, the goal of the game is basically to get his son back, overcoming the many obstacles and difficulties along the way.

As you might guess, Orochi has many inferior ninjas, and he asks to pursue Arashi. These ninja try their best to impersonate Arashi, but immediately fail. A fearless man and willing to avenge his wife, Arashi is willing to fight all enemies. His sadness makes him angrier and stronger, so he fights bravely to save his son from the devil.


Ninja Arashi’s gameplay is not a bad platformer. It has responsive controls as well as long and smooth jumps. First, in terms of controls, there are two arrows on the left side to move left or right. Then on the right side you will see four buttons that are used to execute different commands. For example, the jump button allows you to perform jumps or double jumps. To attack enemies, you can press the shruiken button. It is also used to reveal secret rooms or to smash vases and boxes.

Correspondingly, the Camo button, which seems to be a universal tool, allows Arashi to transform into another person or even an object. The transformation depends on what he has been equipped with. The function of this transformation is to help Arashi hide in plain sight. Finally, the sword button has a significant effect on jerking and smashing fragile objects. However, the camouflage and sword buttons have a recovery time after use. To minimize recovery time, you must improve these skills, or you can spam them over and over again.

While rescuing Arashi is capable of surviving one hit from traps or enemies. Therefore, in order for him to survive, you must use tools that are rated as numerous and creative. These can be spinning wheels, clusters of bloody spears, acid fountains, protected enemies, falling spears or hidden soldiers with rifles. There are countless tools that you can explore on your own while playing the game. Generally, the developer is very creative in blending and combining these features together to make players feel more challenging and useful.

Ninja Arashi Features.

FeaturesCategory: Action, AdventurePublisher: BlackPrintheerRelease: April 13, 2017 Latest Version: 1.4Requirements: Android 4.1 and aboveA variety of powersAs mentioned above, Arashi has many unique abilities that you can spend all day learning about his body. These powers will help you protect him from evil ninjas. The most remarkable feature, apparently, is the ability to turn into a lifeless object so that he can hide from his enemies.

Another superpower of the Arashi ninja is his high speed. To be more specific, he sometimes runs fast, appearing and disappearing at the same time. That way, enemies can’t often see him clearly and get confused. His acceleration helps him get to his destination quickly in just 1 second.

A variety of attacking featuresYou are advised to improve kenjutsu and meditation. These are the two main ways to maintain success in the game. In fact, there are four types of swords and weapons, and you should improve them often. Here are some of their functions:

Kenjutsu: Using this feature, you can deal massive damage from enemies and be invulnerable to their attacks at the same time.Shurikenjutsu: This is Arashi’s deadliest weapon. It kills enemies by throwing a single shuriken, and enemies immediately die.Hensojutsu: this is the invisible function mentioned above.

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