Obey Me! 5.8.4
Version: 5.8.4

Obey Me! 5.8.4

System requirements: 4.4+

Are you dating or looking for someone to date? Obey Me! is a game with a whole new look. It is a game in which you can share everyday stories and emotions. Are you wondering what kind of game it is that might make you want to date? That’s right, “Obey Me!” ‘ You will be the one to be chased, flirted with by Japanese guys and girls. With new content, an attractive and perfect interface, obey me has become the game young people are looking for. Obey me is also greeted with good comments.

What will obey me’s storyline look like? When you download “Obey Me” to your phone, once you finish logging in, you will play the role of a girl chosen to be an exchange student at RAD. This is a demon school in Devildom, aimed at building relationships between demons, angels, and humans. When you become an exchange student, you will have to try to survive without being eaten by mere demons, and you will have to complete the student exchange program by completing assigned tasks. First you will be presented with a DDD, a device similar to your cell phone, and you will be given an assistant “Karasu” to guide you through the game.

What kind of task do you have?

There are 2 types of tasks you have to complete: regular and challenging: after the game, you’ll drop G’s, items and more, and sometimes surprise guests. A surprise guest will appear on the main screen after a certain time or after you finish the game. It’s like, “I fought hard for you, congratulate me.” It’s interesting. It depends on the person and character, who may like different items. For example, someone will choose colorful things, and the way to greet will also be different. If you make your guest happy by dropping only 3 times, you may also get more gifts from them. Regardless of whether the target is satisfied or not, the characters will have different answer lines, there will be more cute suggestions, and lots of humorous suggestions.

What’s special about the Obey me interface?

You will be surprised by the Obey Me interface with the main elements: phone, proximity, chat, contact, and your target, and some others such as demon, memory, piece, nightmare, chapters A, G, M… On the phone you receive and review calls from the target, you will hear the voice of a beautiful Japanese boy. Here, too, you will be captivated by their seductive voices. Proximity is the level of intimacy with the targets. Passing every 5lv will result in 1 call from the target. The chat frame is where you can read text messages or chat with other characters in the game. This is especially useful when you will be getting a lot of messages every day. Majolish is an area that allows you to view target profiles, you can also change the target’s BG, music, voice, target and costumes in the main interface.

What’s particularly appealing about the Obey Me characters?

First there would be Lucifer – the arrogant one. Lucifer is the eldest of the 7 brothers close to the Devil. This character belongs to the Demon race, with a hobby of drinking tea with the Devil and hating the Devil’s enemies, the impression of this character is that he is indebted to the Devil. Simply because of an incident in the past. He is a very loving and caring man to his family. Lucifer used to be MC simply because of Devilowo’s ideals, but then he was really grateful for what MC did for his family and considered it an important member. He is also the 7th person to contract with the MC. About Mammon – greed for his passion for money and hatred for work. Mammon is the second oldest of the 7 brothers. His duty was to look out for MC during his time at Devildom and to hate Normie. Leviathan is the third of the seven brothers. And about Leviathan – I envy internet lovers. Levi is a man of high self-esteem who hates Normie. Are you curious about the other characters in the game obeying me? Please discover obedience to me. If you are a fan of anime, this game will suit you very well.

In short, Obey Me is a game that helps you expand your relationships. You can also find your love in the characters you talk to. Obey Me is a dating testing program. Or auditioning for the role of international students fleeing ghosts to return. The game isn’t over yet, so there will be a lot to look forward to in the future. Let’s play games together and share feelings with each other.

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