Only Survivor 1.0.2
Version: 1.0.2

Only Survivor 1.0.2

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System requirements: 4.4+

Acquiring and upgrading your arsenal in this roguelike role-playing game is a pleasure. Cousins of Archer and Vansaba! As a Vansaba RPG, Only Survivor includes hacks and punches that vary in type depending on the player’s weapon. Using the basic attack style of each weapon requires a different positioning strategy, which is fun to watch. Reinforcements are collected by an element similar to an archer, which also improves equipment with hacks and chopping blows. You can also enjoy the ability to create an entire attack.

Because of the automated nature of the attacks, the only thing the player has to do is to be able to move his character in the direction he wants to go. Let’s start collecting loot, which will help you level up and defeat enemies. Three random skills will be added to your repertoire when you level up. Please try to develop your preferred build, as the method of attack and fighting style can vary greatly depending on the skill set. Tools are retrieved from the toolbox and the stage is leveled with reinforcing material that falls to the floor. Choosing the right equipment is intriguing because in addition to attack and defense, it provides a wide range of abilities. Also, as you level up, remember that new thieves (passive talents) will be available to you.

Combat in the Van Saba system is similar to dodging projectiles, while your opponent’s forces launch an automatic attack. However, like the archer system, this one has elements that can be replayed, such as equipping and improving weapons and armor for each section. It cannot be overstated how enjoyable hacking can be. In the original tribute to Van Sabe, combinations are crucial to the evolution of attacks. Nevertheless, I’m glad that this game has a simple specification that allows you to advance by simply reaching the MAXIMUM level. In addition, icons representing things that benefit from the enhancement provided by skill combining are displayed when you learn a skill, making it easier for newcomers to learn. Each weapon’s ammunition is designed for a specific purpose, and the weapons themselves are versatile. A direct shot at close range on the move is achieved with a Shuriken, for example, if you have one; otherwise, the magic of automatic aiming is used. Find a format that suits you and work to improve it.

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