Onmyoji Arena 3.86.0
Version: 3.86.0

Onmyoji Arena 3.86.0

System requirements: 5.0+

We cannot ignore the famous game companies of a country like Sunrise, such as Namco Bandai, Sega or Sony together with the top products that are used by users all over the world. In addition, NetEase is also a well-known game developer trying to reach new heights in the field of electronic games, so Onmyoji Arena was born , and it is an exciting game that attracts many players.

The history of NetEase

Most online games developed by NetEase are invested in storyline, graphics and gameplay. In it, the most intriguing thing that captivates gamers is the introduction of the game into a short film. Of course, it’s like a blockbuster movie. There are also some high-tech additions that developers add to their games. Thanks to their huge contributions, NetEase has risen to the second position in the Chinese mobile game market. Their sales are behind the bosses of Tencent. Specifically, in 2017 and early 2018, NetEase released many successful mobile games such as Rules of Survival , Knives Out , Galactic Frontline ., Crusaders of Light … NetEase’s story doesn’t end there. In the middle and end of 2018, we’re sure to get a lot of their quality products.

Best Strategy in the MOBA Genre

In the action genre, getting your character involved in combat is the player’s first priority. This role-playing game is no stranger to anyone. It has a detailed map, the necessary information and controls are visible on the screen to help users observe and perform more effective attacks. Each team will have five combat characters, each with four basic combat skills, depending on the level of battle and the time it takes to complete the battle. If you do not have specific and correct tactics. Thus, players must have some adjustments, methods, for example, to fight each type of enemy. You will get prizes for the winners, as well as daily rewards by joining Onmyoji Arena.

Key Improvements.

Onmyoji Arena APK is a later game vs. Onmyoji: Battle! Heian-Gyo. Of course, the graphics, sound and character controls in the game Onmyoji Arena are also greatly improved. In particular, the characters in the game have been redesigned from the beginning; we can easily see the state or even facial expressions of the characters in this game. Also important features, such as PvP, 3vs3, remain the same. There are no significant changes in gameplay at this point.

Graphic design and features

If you love Japanese culture and people, this game will be an irresistible choice. If anyone has ever seen the manga Yokai Watch is exactly the devilish demonic style of Japan collected here. Beautiful, seductive female characters wear traditional and innovative kimonos, and the different types of monsters alternating on both sides will be a unique experience for players. Lively sounding attacks on both sides, the hero is dubbed as attractive as you are engaged in battle with the mysterious ghost of true love.

To summarize.

With an ancient space, mystery combined with the appeal of characters carrying bold Japanese traditions, players will experience the most complete APK file Onmyoji Arena . A Chinese version has also been released for player use. Join the game now for special prizes.

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