Pokémon Café Mix 3.40.0
Version: 3.40.0

Pokémon Café Mix 3.40.0

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System requirements: 6.0+

Nintendo is a very famous game maker with a lot of great work that is appreciated by many players. When Nintendo is mentioned, players recognize them as the creators of the most famous game series around the world. Among them are games that have made the list of the best games of all time in honor of it. Among them was Pokémon, which players love for both the story and the gameplay. All of them have achieved particular success in many areas, such as games and movies. This proves that the appeal of this game is undeniable, and it always brings the best experience to the player. Many Pokémon-themed titles have been released for players to experience. If you are a fan of the series, you are probably familiar with the image of the trainer on his way to winning his dreams. 

A game has been released that has changed everything and brought new things to the player. This game is Pokemon Café Mix, a Pokemon-themed game combined with cafe management. This game launched in a trio of Pokemon Smile and New Pokemon Snap games, and it is the latest and most popular choice. The game has brought players many new experiences to explore and enjoy.

Become a Manager.

As the name implies, this game will take players into the world of Pokemon so players can experience them. In many other games, when coming to this world, the player becomes a trainer to train powerful Pokémon and fight. But in this game, the story is completely different; instead of becoming a trainer, the player becomes a coffee shop owner. Players come into the game with the sole purpose of developing their store so that it becomes a prominent place to attract trainers. The player’s cafe is the perfect place for coaches to enjoy great drinks and socialize with other coaches.

Serving drinks to customers.

The player’s store is a café, so many customers will come here every day to buy a drink. The player who is the player will be tasked with satisfying this customer request to get their money and appreciation. When a customer comes here, not only people, but also pokémon can come here to do something. Regardless of who it is, players must serve them well in order to get the bonus. But it’s not easy to do that, because there are many customers who come here. Thus, players need to work continuously to do the job assigned to them. If done correctly, players will be rewarded with money to buy the necessary items.

Solving Riddles.

The game has many different riddles for players to solve, and they are all three-in-a-row and easy to start. When a player wants to do something, such as make or brew coffee, they have to go through a stage of the game. Although this is a three-in-a-row game, the gameplay is not like anything the player has experienced before. Instead of arranging, players will be wired to form pokémon to make them disappear. But the objects in the game don’t stand still; they can move around so that the player can easily connect more things. This will make it easier for players to get through the game. But if it’s too easy, it won’t be interesting anymore, so to limit players, the game will place requirements on players. Plus, the player will have a limit on the number of connections, so be careful to get the best effect.

Hire staff.

When the player’s store is full, the player can’t go through everything alone. So you will need the help of other Pokémon to make it easier. Players can hire Charmander to use the power of the element of fire to support the player, or they can whip out many different kinds of animals to get things started.

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