Pou 1.4.105
Version: 1.4.105

Pou 1.4.105

System requirements: 4.1+

Have you ever heard of the virtual pet machine Tamagotchi? It’s a game about virtual pets that was very popular about 20 years ago. Perhaps this game was no stranger to them for the generations of the ’90s. Back then, everyone had a Tamagotchi machine to take care of their virtual pets. Technology has evolved, there are now many virtual pet games launched on mobile platforms, such as My Talking Tom. At the moment it is a very famous virtual pet game.

But you are tired of keeping ordinary animals like cats or dogs, you want something new and unique? Come to the game Pou from Zakeh, dedicated to mobile platforms. It’s not a well-known publisher, but they’ve received many compliments from players all over the world for this game. Pou is not an earthly animal, but an alien species with a very cute shape. This is a unique point of the game, players will experience a sense of caring for an alien animal. Not a cat or a normal cat, it would be a lump shaped animal. The game will bring you lots of great features such as minigames, costumes … all with the sole purpose of giving the player an unforgettable experience.


The gameplay is similar to many other games of the same genre, that is, one who takes care of his Uncle Pou. The gameplay is very simple, people just need to feed, bathe, play with Poe and let him sleep. Once Poe wakes up, the player must take him to the bathroom to brush his teeth and bathe him to get him ready for another active day. Poe is an animal that is very greedy and eats a lot, but when he is full, he stops eating. If the player continues to feed him, Poe will raise his voice and say “No” to notify the player that he no longer wants to eat. Poe is a person who loves fast food such as pizza, chips…and especially sweets, when you eat these foods, he will become much happier. When the player takes Pou to the bathroom, wipe his body with soap to wash away the stains that stick to him. After using the soap, use the shower to rinse with water and wash off anything that stuck to Poe’s body. After cleaning Poe, the player is ready to take him into play. To make Poe happy, players caress him with their fingers, which will make him more enjoyable and fun. When Pow’s entire status bar is full, it’s time to join in the integrated mini-games in the game. After a long and tiring day of play, Poe will feel sleepy, so players should put Poe on his bed and turn off the power so that Poe falls asleep.

Players can also use a ball to play with Poe before bedtime to make it easier to sleep. At first, Poe was just a small creature, but after he took care of the player, he became much larger. Please try to take care of Poe so that he learns to be very fast. There is also Magic Water, which you can buy at the store for Poe to drink. Each type of Magic Water can be used differently and be useful in different circumstances. Some types will make Poe like sleep right away and be ready to continue on his merry journey without waiting for anything. Some would make Pou feel hungry right away, and some would make him feel full right away. If players combine the use of these two types, Po can grow much faster. Initially, players would be given free 5,000 coins to buy food for Po. But then that amount is gone,


Unique Costumes for PoeThe game will have a variety of costumes that players can constantly change for Poe. The costumes are designed according to a certain theme, for example Halloween, a person will have very scary costumes to match the characteristics of the holiday. In addition, if the player does not like the clothes, you can also choose different shirts, hats, glasses … to create a beautiful and unique appearance.

Gold mini-games includedThese mini-games are created by a creative team to entertain the player as well as entertain our Pow. There will be games such as Goal, where the player must throw the ball to the blue dot indicated on the goal. The player plays the attacker and Pou plays the goalkeeper to prevent the player from hitting. Falling food also, if players choose this game, the player has to control Pou moving horizontally to eat food dropped from the sky. If the player misses 8 or more times, he loses the round. Not only does food fall, but also inedible things like CDs, toys … Stay away from that if you don’t want to lose.

Download Pou 1.4.105 (Mod, Many Coins) for Android screen 1Download Pou 1.4.105 (Mod, Many Coins) for Android screen 2Download Pou 1.4.105 (Mod, Many Coins) for Android screen 3Download Pou 1.4.105 (Mod, Many Coins) for Android screen 4Download Pou 1.4.105 (Mod, Many Coins) for Android screen 5Download Pou 1.4.105 (Mod, Many Coins) for Android screen 6Download Pou 1.4.105 (Mod, Many Coins) for Android screen 7Download Pou 1.4.105 (Mod, Many Coins) for Android screen 8Download Pou 1.4.105 (Mod, Many Coins) for Android screen 9Download Pou 1.4.105 (Mod, Many Coins) for Android screen 10