Project: BloodStrike 1.001.530045
Version: 1.001.530045

Project: BloodStrike 1.001.530045

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System requirements: 6.0+

Project: BloodStrike APK is a mobile first-person shooter game with a roguelike Battle Royale mode. You can access various enhancement modifications, allowing you to create multiple play styles. You can design your basic tactical set by choosing operators with their own set of special abilities. You can buy weapons and regenerate your fallen allies with the money you collect on the battlefield. However, your main goal should still be to stay alive!


Currency found on the battlefield can be used to improve your stats or even to revive fallen allies.You have unlimited revival options as long as you have at least one player on your team.Build the best weapons you can imagine. You have access to a large selection of equipment you can use to create your own one-of-a-kind weapons.The very first roguelike shooter ever created. Create an unlimited variety of play styles with a wide range of operators and various tactical components.Fight in ever-changing weather; Are you ready to take on the challenge of realistic battlefields with ever-changing climates?

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