PUBG MOBILE : Arcane 2.2.0
Version: 2.2.0

PUBG MOBILE : Arcane 2.2.0

System requirements: 5.0+

PUBG is one of the most beloved games in the world. At this point, it practically crushes all other gaming items and becomes the king of action games. In fact, if you are a passionate fan of the series, I will never miss PUBG in general and PUBG MOBILE in particular. To comment on this action, only compliments to its publishers when they made the release were too good, were flexible when they realized the trend, and responded quickly to players. When other gaming products need time to determine the next direction, Tencent quickly realized the potential of PUBG and instantly released a mobile version.

Currently, both versions run independently of each other without any interactive implications. Nevertheless, the gameplay is almost identical, so it seems to differentiate between two types of players who share the same passion. If you’re aiming for a professional community with high gameplay skills and a well-designed hardware system, then PUBG PC is definitely for you. PUBG MOBILE has a different direction when it comes to casual players who just want to spend simple hours of entertainment, but are passionate about the game genre and also want to keep up with global trends. Overall, however, two different properties with two different versions of the game are bringing the publisher a positive effect. They have received huge sales, and so far they continue to grow.The official game PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is exclusively for mobile devices.

As mentioned above, PUBG MOBILE is the smartphone version of PUBG. It’s a game aimed primarily at casual players who don’t have specific professional needs. However, you won’t find any of its weaknesses, which makes this version of the game weaker than your brother on your PC. First, as far as graphics are concerned, when you play, the game will see that it is very well advanced. Compared to games of the same genre that are still active, it is always superior to almost every other product. High-end games are almost as close to that level as possible, but as for games whose goal is to follow trends and use a little fame, that may never be possible. The characters in the game are always shown sharply to show the strength of the characters, along with the equipment you give your characters, created extremely appealing effects. Overall, as far as images go, players will love the mobile version of this game.Treasures of the Seven Seas

Another feature that makes this game always appealing in the eyes of the player is that it is very thoroughly updated with each season. There are several friends of mine who have only stopped playing this game for a month and got a lot of changes when they came back. It makes perfect sense when “PUBG MOBILE” competitors in the market are still finding ways to copy their popular features to attract an interactive fan base for this publisher. The healthiest way to compete is to regularly offer new features and force these competitors to use their minds to transform so that their products are also attractive as they grow and create a diverse environment, players like what they can choose that suits their interests. The various game modes are always updated quickly, with each version having a different focus presented earlier by the publisher. Moreover, thanks to the community building style of such a large publisher, the extremely diverse channels will quickly provide players with the best knowledge to participate in the game so they can catch up on their interests.DIVERSITY AND DIVERSITY

The battlefields are truly familiar to gamers the moment you have to fight 99 players and become the last survivor if you want to win. This is the creation of a new era action game that breaks all the limitations of previous games. In the meantime, you only have to deal with opponents with a limit. For example, in PvE matches, the opponent’s power level usually increases slowly, but in PvP matches it will be limited to about ten people – that’s the maximum. Playing 100 people on a large map is really something new, which immediately attracted players from all over the world. Currently, the character system in the game has been admirably developed by Tencent. Each update will have different new characters, but they also have skins that change their appearance to create their own mascots that reflect the style.

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