Punch Club 1.37
Version: 1.37

Punch Club 1.37

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System requirements: 4.1+

Punch Club is a sports management simulation developed by Lazy Bear Games and published by tinyBuild. In the game, you control an aspiring boxer and prepare him for boxing matches at a local club. At the same time, you try to find clues to help you solve the mystery of who killed your father.


The game is a parody of the martial arts genre and is about one man’s ascent to martial arts glory. The player takes care of his character by taking care of his diet, training, and social life. As he develops, he can fight stronger opponents. In addition, the player can also control his income, which is necessary to maintain a stable balance in the game.


Punch Club gameplay includes boxing fights and character management. As you progress through the game, your characteristics will increase and decrease. You can also train and improve your skills using various tools. The game also has four health stats that will affect how well you fight, train and work. If you improve your health stats, you can fight better and win more matches.

Punch Club also comes with the original soundtrack and artbook. It’s free to download and play. The game is also available on mobile platforms, and the developer recently updated the PC version to include an “Easy” mode that eliminates the performance drop. Unfortunately, the 3DS version does not include this feature, but it will make the game more accessible to regular players.

Another major drawback to Punch Club is that its gameplay is a bit repetitive. While the pixel graphics are very nice and the visual direction of the game is very similar to the ’80s style, it lacks a vibrant identity. Despite this, it is still a fascinating experience and well worth playing.


Punch Club features retro-inspired graphics and Easter eggs. It’s a multi-choice adventure game with interesting mechanics that encourage replaythrough. In addition, the game offers several options for main character and character development. This is also surprisingly deep for an indie game. However, some players have expressed dissatisfaction with the graphics and gameplay, which may indicate a lack of polish on the part of the developers.

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