Railbound 1.06
Version: 1.06

Railbound 1.06

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System requirements: 5.1+

The Railbound APK puzzle video game is about two dogs who travel on a railroad across the world and encounter many obstacles. Help everyone get to their homes by connecting and disconnecting railroad tracks as they cross different landscapes. Find solutions to more than 150 clever puzzles that range from simple descents to winding passages.

Throughout the game world, you can enjoy our comic-book-inspired aesthetic and soothing original music composed by the same people who created Golf Peaks and inbento.

Tunnels allow you to cover vast distances in a short amount of time. Trains can be delayed by placing railroad obstacles at certain times. Reconfigure the track to steer vehicles in a different direction. On the road, you will make new charming companions and face increasingly difficult challenges.

The main stages of our game will take you in many directions, moving at a leisurely pace. Along the way, there will be forks that will lead you to delicious puzzles that won’t leave even the pickiest gamers indifferent!

You may need to place, remove, or reroute connections before the wagons can connect securely to the locomotive. However, be careful not to make them collide with each other.

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