Real Flight Simulator 1.6.9
Version: 1.6.9

Real Flight Simulator 1.6.9

System requirements: 4.3+

Takeoff, landing or full flight

RFS – Real Flight Simulator uses its own engine, so it creates a completely different smoothness compared to other products in the same category. Until now, there doesn’t seem to have been a single game capable of overcoming the 3D graphics format. “RFS has successfully described how a civilian plane is used to carry passengers around the world. With a description that uses many different angles, it brought the latest experience. The colors of the game are also vivid, and the passing scenes are depicted in realistic style. You will travel around the world, with wonders in China, Egypt and Europe described exactly as they are. It’s also a valuable opportunity for you to travel for free.

Satellite maps, 3D buildings, airstrips, procedures, and air traffic are what you work with most in the game. Players must regularly monitor the map to know where they are. It will use the highest resolution so that you can identify every little detail of the rabbit and every little situation going on so that you can make the best decision for your flight. Once you have reached your destination, you must contact the air traffic ground stations to be able to land safely and get visitors where they want to go. The game will be shown in real time; once you hop on board, it will officially take part in a long journey like clockwork. Uniquely, pilots flying in the sky will be placed in a chat room so they can chat with cool people and plan lesson plans in detail. 

Automatic flight plan creation

The pilot community in the game is also pretty crowded, as they have created many support teams who always give helpful advice. During the course of the game, where you encounter difficulties, visit the community and ask questions. They also enjoy decorating their planes. “RFS – Real Flight Simulator” provides you with many different aircraft components. When you take a break and get rewarded from your flights, use it quickly. If you like the plane you are using, buy more parts that decorate it. Part of that should make it prettier, and part of it should improve performance. If you can make a lot of money, feel free to buy a new plane. If it is calculated, it will be cheaper than buying and shaking every part and reassembling it while the function remains the same.

Problems in the game occur regularly when you are involved in a flight. First of all, the terrain makes taking off and landing much more difficult. When you are in the process of moving, the weather will worsen and coordination with the airfield is necessary. Planning and coordinating with a coordinator will definitely help you land safely. Also, when you are flying, watch for problematic wind direction and many other factors.

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