Restore deleted 10.04<br />
Version: 10.04

Restore deleted 10.04

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System requirements: 5.0+

Smartphones are now common and widely used with desirable features and contain important documents in your work and life. However, if you show bad luck or negligence in bad situations, you can lose all the documents inside your phone. Therefore, the emergence of this app will dispel users’ fears and help you recover things you’ve lost while using electronic devices.


If you are still worried about losing your documents inside your smartphone one day, “Recover deleted all photos, files and contacts” will be a lifesaver for you and you will be free to use it without worrying about other problems. The app will bring you interesting, easy-to-use features combined with a unique user-friendly interface.

File recovery has never been easier, in just a few easy steps, and you’ll learn the features accompanied by detailed instructions for quick use. In addition, your photos and videos will reappear after a long loss with the recovery features in this app; start the process of finding lost files and using them. This app will bring everything back to normal.


Users will probably always be wondering how to get all lost documents back quickly; the simple answer is that this app will meet all your needs. Most people would rather take their smartphone to the store for repair and will certainly spend a large amount of money to recover the talent in memory, which is unfortunately lost.

But the introduction of this app will be a great help for you to quickly recover documents from the internal memory, and you will experience many other attractive features. Right now, you can enjoy the fun the app has to offer and comfortably use it without worrying about lost documents.


However, with a completely free app, it contains many unique features with exciting features. You will be provided with different themed features depending on the problems you are facing. The app will offer you different options with your lost documents, then quickly start the recovery process so that you don’t take up too much time worrying about it.

Plus, you won’t have any problems because the app will keep your maximum and recover whatever you want. Just connect to your mobile data or Wi-Fi for a smooth backup, but you need a stable connection to restore uninterrupted data. Backup to vault will start after all your documents are restored and you can just enjoy the results.


To improve the user experience, the app will continually update new features to fix minor bugs in each older version. Now all problems when using smartphones are neatly solved with simple operations. In addition, in addition to documents in memory or images and videos, you can also restore old contacts.

If you have a problem and need to reboot your phone, the app will back up everything without the need for a computer or any previous backups. In addition, this app will automatically back up and activate the recovery tools and provide a backup apk so that you can easily get the results of your data after the recovery process is done.