Rogue Hearts 1.6.7
Version: 1.6.7

Rogue Hearts 1.6.7

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System requirements: 4.1+

Role-playing is an exciting game genre that attracts many players. Iron Blade, MU Awaken, Eternium or Art of Conquest are all top names on the app market. By participating in these games, players are not only portrayed as heroes full of greatness, but also immersed in a new world created with stunning 3D graphics. Aside from the titles mentioned above, Rogue Hearts is a game loved by many players. In terms of features as well as graphics, it is not so different from other games of the same genre, but the gameplay has changed slightly, there is a turn-based game, no longer a free game.


Rogue Hearts leads you to fight an army of darkness. In ancient times, there were all three worlds: heaven, earth, and hell. The heavenly world was the living place of the gods, the earth was man, and hell was the place where demonic beings evolved. Then the conspiracy of the territorial lord was established. He wanted to merge earth and hell into one place. A demonic army was sent to the lower realms to destroy humans and build dungeons as a base for development. In the face of this situation, people sent prayers to the gods, but they cannot directly participate in this war because of the higher rules. They have transferred power to some people who are sufficiently qualified in humanity, and these people will become warriors who protect human life. Will the end of this war be like?


You will play the role of a hero in Rogue Hearts, and your mission is to find and destroy enemy dungeons. At the beginning you only have passive power in your body. So you need to collect resources and equipment to activate your power and learn new skills to fight the enemy. The mission system will help you by showing you what to do. In the process you will travel to any place, fight all enemies and face many difficulties. You will become stronger and stronger after many such experiences. On the game engine, you will use the analog joystick to move and use the skills that appear in the right corner of the screen to attack. Each time you fight, you choose a skill, then it’s time for the enemy to take damage. You are under attack, and your HP should be lost. Combat continues until the party is defeated,

Character System.

With an RPG such as Rogue Hearts, you will create characters and choose classes to develop. Each character has basic features such as a skill system, costume, level, weapon, … During battle, they gain experience to level up. When leveled up, the character will unlock additional potential, such as learning additional skills, equipping them with new items, or unlocking the weapon improvement system. In parallel, you can customize the character’s appearance. Not only does this make the character more attractive, but the equipment also helps them improve their attacking and defensive abilities, improving them so that they can take advantage of the battles. Skills are something to pay attention to. These are two ways to easily make your power stronger and more powerful.

ac see, a character has a maximum of 4 skills. However, these skills are not available at the beginning. You can only learn when you complete certain tasks and have enough levels.

Also, the character creation style of Rogue Hearts is impressive. Sharpness to every detail, allowing you to observe a character’s expression. At the same time, the character skill also has a lighting effect, beautiful shadow casting, making the combat lively, stimulating players’ excitement.

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