Room Smash 1.5.2
Version: 1.5.2

Room Smash 1.5.2

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System requirements: 4.4+

If deadlines are causing you stress and fatigue, the following article will help you relieve that pressure immediately. Room Smash is a popular simulation game for today, it is quite useful and in line with current trends. The game will help you throw off your tired work routine by smashing items in the physics lab. This will be a game that everyone can take the time to play.


It’s a regular sandbox physics simulation game with lots of rooms and weapons to simulate destruction. The game provides virtual 3D environments and objects where you have to get rid of the thrill of smashable and become the perfect game when the player is frustrated. The game also gives you a first-person view as you shoot at different targets. It will have rooms that are not filled with items to entertain players.

Coming into this game, you are sure to make everyone fascinated by the beautifully designed items. You are spoiled to throw freely without any exposure. What’s more, you’ll be thrown with unlimited time; each level will set more targets and increase the difficulty for the player considerably, so the player still has to pay attention to the rules. This game is available in game stores, which players can fully install on their phone.


We are confident that this will be a great game that players appreciate in game rankings. Players love the fact that this game collects many hits and installs every day. Come to RoomSmash to unleash your energy, a sad mood will get your spirits up right away. In the game, you will clear simulated rooms with pre-ordered objects.

You are allowed to use your weapons, such as guns, to shoot and destroy these objects. Of course, you will go on a surreal journey through one dimension of another world, moving in harmony with the music and smashing everything in your path. For this game, the game requires players to concentrate and time to get as far as possible from the bottles and obstacles.


As for the features of the game, the player smashes an object, simulating sensitivity, and the player has to get acquainted with 25 different rooms with different objects. Also, when there are more than 12 objects to smash, the sound effects sound really cool and nice. Beautiful three-dimensional graphics are created, clear to every detail. The game synchronizes sound and music effects, changing for each stage; obstacles move with each new tune.

Make your way through a stunning futuristic dimension, crushing obstacles and targets in your path. In the game, you can relieve stress with 12 fragile objects such as coffee cups, dishes, cups, pots, wooden crates, bricks, glasses, and computers. Avoiding bombs, however, can make you dangerous. Of course, you will be given items to smash against the wall.


Players don’t worry about any obstacles in the game, and the game is extremely safe and reliable. What’s more, with easy gameplay, the game easily hits the gaming market. This is probably one of the best games that deserves top of the table with its many game modes and all the features. Being a game is a one-of-a-kind activity that other games don’t have.

An alternative to tedious work and study, instead of looking for expensive solutions to relieve stress, this game is the place where you can safely vent the rage of your life. It’s also a simulation game, similar to the real thing. Players can comfortably play the game in their own way. Smash the expensive and valuable items in this room.

In fact, this game is too good and suitable for everyone today. Players, please install on your device to relieve stress and restore your spirit immediately. Sometimes it is this game that is addictive. Let’s play with good brothers, get together to smash trophies in the game. Room Smash is a great choice and worth trying together.

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