Root Board Game 1.29.7
Version: 1.29.7

Root Board Game 1.29.7

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System requirements: 4.1+

Board games are still evolving to become one of the dominant genres in today’s gaming market. This means that the landing has not been as powerful as in fighting games. Tabletop games require more strategy and intelligence to win the game. Players need to be very patient in this type of game so that it gradually takes over the player’s mind in a unique way. Root Board Game is a brand new product from manufacturer Dire Wolf Digital. It is a digital version of the board game of the same name. If you are a fan, you will definitely have to try this version. 

Attractive graphics, original features, parallel development

In fact, the original version was built using exceptionally high quality images. So, there are similarities between the two versions, not too many deviations. The game will take you to a forest where many animals live together. The 3D graphics make everything look so real. Also, the colors make the player feel lost in a fairy tale land; a bit nostalgic and old. Speaking of shaping, the characters in the game leave a photo impression in their own way. They look like medieval characters in costumes consisting of primitive armor and weapons. At that time, these animals behaved just like human society.

A unique and fascinating story that gives a new perspective on life in the forest.

As mentioned above, the forest in the Root Board Game acts as a medieval human society. Its plot, completely different from the lovable character, tells of a fierce war between various forces for control of the forest. The game will be divided into 4 different forces to fight and use themselves together. The Cat Empire is a powerful force with an expansionist mindset. We find a way to dominate this forest. The Eyrie are the former masters of the forest.

They have some influence over the lands of material power over other powers. To reclaim the kingdom from the cat empire, the Eyrie need to prepare stronger. The Woodland Alliance is a group that wants to claim their righteousness, but they are not strong enough. They have sought to incite war between factions in the woodland. The last force was the Wandering Knights of the Wanderers. They are a neutral force, militarily strong, but lacking a clear political direction. As long as the faction has good financial support, they will fight hard.

Cards are the unit to carry out your orders.

If four players play together, each will be divided to fight together. Each faction has its own advantages. For example, if you choose a cat, you get resources to run your army, build buildings, and recruit additional troops to prepare for battle. As an empire, they try to achieve the strongest expansion to defeat the remaining lack of strength. Eyeballs receive bonuses for completing quests. The Forest Alliance draws sympathy from other powers. So it will in turn receive support cards. Rogues fight for money, so their income will come from trading and serving other powers. You only get victory when you score the first 30 victory points.

The powers of the game are sure to have many different characters with special abilities. These are clearly described by the name of each card, so you’ll have to spend a lot of time figuring out how their action affects the game. The game is said to balance two factors. The first step is to find your way to the maximum score as quickly as possible. In addition, you can destroy the enemy so that points are deducted from it. Braking each other between forces will make this gameplay very long. Rather, each card has a special ability to affect the game. If you combine them with faction advantages, it creates many very special situations.

Because of this uniqueness, the game has great replay value. If you still learn unique combination strategies, you can still accompany this game. In addition, a few months later, the content creation team has added new elements. So you can play this game without getting bored. Both offline and online versions are updated almost simultaneously.

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