Rums Spring and Dungeon 2.0.18
Version: 2.0.18

Rums Spring and Dungeon 2.0.18

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System requirements: 6.0+

Rums Spring and Dungeon (Menu Mod) – This strategic RPG combines the Spring and Dungeon rums and “blank” systems. Taking care of Rums is the first step to saving the world.

This world has long been a battlefield of evil gods. Fighting for Yuina, the girl chosen as humanity’s ultimate weapon, Ram loses and is forced to isolate her from the evil god. However, there was a brief period of peace when the evil god was wounded and the world was at peace. Yuina decides to go on an adventure to fight the evil god and free the sealed Ram so that he can take his place on the throne.

This is a 2D autobattle between 2D characters. Capture the dungeon where the evil gods are said to sleep, and raise cute characters to do so. Cute critters will go on a journey. Is Expedition mode similar in style to a Tower Defense roguelike game? Use the characters you’ve developed to defeat top-level bad guy bosses. Instead of a battle that happens on its own, this is a strategy mode in which success depends on skill and luck.

The real buzz is the feel of the first time. While you sleep, your characters will level up and learn new skills. You’ll gain a lot of experience points by preparing for the training environment. There are many new ways to play. Artifacts and unique skills are just some of the things you can reuse. People believe that a miracle will happen if all the artifacts are discovered. Is that something you can do?

You can play at your own pace if you have full automatic combat enabled. Your character’s stats, abilities, and breakthroughs affect whether or not you succeed. Elements of tower defense and role-playing can be found in expedition mode. There is no option to download any other files. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have fun in this simple role-playing game. Slack and hack are other terms for the same thing.

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