SCP: Site-19 2.4a
Version: 2.4a

SCP: Site-19 2.4a

System requirements: 4.4+

SCP: Site-19 (Mod, No Ads) – This is a unique horror action game for Android. This game was based entirely on the SCP Foundation. Since it is multiplayer, it means that the locations will be filled with real players from all over the world. Each level is randomly generated, all the objects on the map moves and everything else is not repeated and is always unique. Characters in the role of which will appear users – also the roles are distributed randomly, that is, you can not choose a particular character you can play.

There are six classes in the game, Guards, Scientists, Class D, MTFs, CIs, SCPs.

Download SCP: S screen 1Download SCP: S screen 2Download SCP: S screen 3

The game is the bomb! Some levels I could not pass for weeks, and it zatsialo. Took me a whole month to get through. Looking forward to part 2. ))))))))))))