The Seeker's Notes 2.28.2<br />
Version: 2.28.2

The Seeker's Notes 2.28.2

System requirements: 4.4+

Have you ever heard the reputation of the talented detective Sherlock Holmes? He is one of the most successful fictional characters created by Detective Conan Doyle. At the time, the character became one of the landmarks, an idea that people could use to create detective characters in many entertaining works. Seekers Notes® is truly a beloved detective story. With its style of adventure game and adventure RPG, it has received 5 million downloads on Google Play because of its appeal. 

The game is designed with stunning imagery with exceptionally high quality characters. You can see that they are like characters from famous Hollywood movies. What is remarkable is the world it creates. It’s a huge simulated world, just like the real world. You will travel to many different countries. Each place will have projects based on separate themes to give you the right challenge. However, the context of the entire game is a dark place with a source of evil power that hides many different secrets waiting for your discovery.

The Story

Seekers Notes® tells the story of a beautiful character who must plunge into the cursed city of the Dark Forest! He’s been chosen by fate and couldn’t escape the series of things that go together. Everything leads to the streets where secrets are hidden, but revealed only to the chosen one. You are the chosen one. The Magical Map is an artifact containing the power that allows its owner to see the secrets surrounding the Forest of Darkness. Can you gain the city from the oppression of the curse? No one can do it for you, so waste no more time. Your war and the demons have already begun.


This is really an adventure game with challenges based on a true story. People will play the role of a detective who has the unique ability to see secrets. The first levels of the game will challenge you by providing pictures and asking the player to find lost items based on the tips they offer. Once you see the first items, you will be drawn to a journey from which it is impossible to escape. They will be cohesive challenges with each other and stimulate gamers’ curiosity.

Searching for hidden items will also lead you to various small challenges. Often they will be a variety of incredibly different puzzle games. Sometimes you will play match-3, puzzle games and many other forms. While searching for the Request game objects, the player will also find items. These cannot be used immediately and must be used to assemble into actual objects. This will give you proper support for the value they have. Players must also collect cute pets, which people call guards. They will have many ways to accompany and protect your life from danger.

Download Seeker’s Notes 2.28.2 (Mod, Many Money) for Android screen 1Download Seeker’s Notes 2.28.2 (Mod, Many Money) for Android screen 2Download Seeker’s Notes 2.28.2 (Mod, Many Money) for Android screen 3Download Seeker’s Notes 2.28.2 (Mod, Many Money) for Android screen 4Download Seeker’s Notes 2.28.2 (Mod, Many Money) for Android screen 5