SimpleRockets 2 0.9.923
Version: 0.9.923

SimpleRockets 2 0.9.923

System requirements: 4.3+

The universe has always been a vast space, a mystery to all mankind, so people (especially scientists) always have great ambitions to conquer the universe. Of course, humans cannot fly, so they began to use their minds to invent machines and technology that helped them achieve this noble goal. A testament to the rapid growth of humans is the birth of airplanes and spaceships, which are designed to reach distant stars. But few people understand what an airplane or rocket ship is made of, so a game that simulates the creation of a spaceship will appeal to technology buffs. In this article, I will introduce you to an extremely good game, SimpleRockets 2. Developed by Jundroo, it is a game that simulates how to build a real space shuttle. 

Build and control rockets and planes

Basically, SimpleRockets 2 is pretty simple and not too complicated as people think. In this game, you will have an infinite three-dimensional space that allows players to create rockets, planes, or anything else you can imagine. However, the game does not require you to create every part of a rocket or airplane, instead you will assemble a ship from the available parts. The game has many parts to choose from, including eight types of engines available, seven injectors, and six types of fuel. Not only that, you can change the size of the engine, the length of the nozzle, the radius of the wheel. In this way, you can gain a deeper understanding of the complexity of rocket science and rocket engine design, and at the same time create a rocket of your own choosing.

The next thing you need to do is to design in detail the modular compartments containing the contents of the rocket. To travel in space, the astronauts and even the ship also need to store goods and fuel for use during extraterrestrial activities. In addition, the calculation of resizing and reshaping the fuel tanks, wings, cargo bays, fairings, and nose fairings is also very important. In addition, you need to resize the solar panels, wheels, pistons, and shock absorbers to improve travel. Everything has to be calculated based on aerodynamic principles. After completing all the steps, the next task is to launch the rocket from the ground. For many, this is a very exciting scene. The extraterrestrial space of the game is also designed quite realistically and vividly. When your rocket launches into outer space, it performs the important task of landing at an aerospace station, eating at a moon base, refueling, and other things for humans. However, the game is just a simulation game, so you don’t have to spend months to go to another planet. The game also supports map mode, which allows you to easily see the trajectory of the rocket and plan for future burns.


SimpleRockets 2 gives players plenty of attractive features. With more than 30 details, including the rendering unit, retractable solar panels, Rover wheels, engine, … you can customize the size and rocket engine. In addition, key improvements such as resizing and changing combinations, including fuel tank, cargo bay size, can help you understand how to work and appropriate proportions of the spaceship. In addition, the three-dimensional space in the game can be considered extremely large. Players can discover many new planets, many unexplored biomes, deserts, grasslands, tundra, etc. etc. are all packed into SimpleRockets 2. And there are many other special features that you can comfortably explore in the long run.


You could say SimpleRockets 2 is a game with extremely beautiful graphics. Every detail of the rocket, the ship is carefully designed, beautiful and looks very scientific. You will want to immerse yourself in the technology of the real future. In addition, the motion effects, smoke effects, and fire as the rocket launches from orbit are also portrayed honestly and clearly. Not only that, but the game also shows the landscape in space very well, very realistic and attractive. It can be said that the game as a whole is designed around extremely vivid three-dimensional graphics and eye-catching visuals. The lighting effects give players a brilliant scene, high color contrast. Upon entering the space of SimpleRockets 2, players will find a true and vivid picture of rocket technology and distant space. These are basic features that you can’t find in other titles.

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