Skullgirls 5.1.3
Version: 5.1.3

Skullgirls 5.1.3

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System requirements: 4.4+

Android gamers will definitely enjoy the epic combat experience in Skullgirls as you join your favorite characters in exciting battles. Play as unique and interesting characters with amazing skills and abilities. Challenge your enemies in smooth and engaging gameplay, leading your characters to victory.

Plus, you’ll also enjoy addictive role-playing gameplay with detailed character customization and enhancements. Level them up through a series of exciting battles and trainings. Unlock special moves and unique abilities for each of your heroes. Discover epic gameplay in a variety of modes.

Learn more about this amazing game from Autumn Games in our review.


The game introduces players to an unfamiliar city where every seven years a strange artifact appears and grants a woman her wishes. However, if she has an impure heart and only wishes for herself, she will turn into a treacherous creature named Skull Girl.

It’s been seven years, and the artifact is about to reappear. Will he find a real person with a decent heart, or will another Skull Girl terrorize the town as she did seven years ago? The answers are yet to be decided.

And it is you who will join the others on a journey to find the mysterious artifact to make sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Find yourself battling with other characters as you chase and retrieve artifacts.

Play the game with many different characters with unique skills and abilities as you immerse yourself in exciting role-playing adventures.


Here you’ll find all the amazing features the game has to offer:

Simple and intuitive controlsFirst, Android gamers will enjoy the fun and immersive gameplay in Skullgirls, as you quickly get used to the intuitive controls. Explore customizable controls optimized for the mobile touch screen so you can use comfortable gestures and touch controls. Feel free to perform interesting techniques with just a few taps or gestures.

And if you’re new to the game and don’t know the controls yet? Well, with the available Fight Assist option, things couldn’t be easier. With this, you can just focus on strategic decisions, letting the computer fight for you, which is really cool.

Lots of interesting characters with unique mechanicsFor those of you interested in fighting games, you’re sure to find a huge collection of different characters with interesting and unique fighting styles. Feel free to play as multiple characters and find the style that suits you best. And, as always, feel free to try our new character sets with more interesting skills and abilities.

Explore detailed tactical gameplayAside from the combat aspects, gamers can also get fully engrossed in the exciting tactical

Download Skullgirls 5.1.3 (Mod, No Skill Delay) for Android screen 1Download Skullgirls 5.1.3 (Mod, No Skill Delay) for Android screen 2Download Skullgirls 5.1.3 (Mod, No Skill Delay) for Android screen 3Download Skullgirls 5.1.3 (Mod, No Skill Delay) for Android screen 4