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Version: 1.0.4

Soul Land - Continent Douluo 1.0.4

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System requirements: 4.4+

Soul Land is a special role-playing game with exciting adventures and epic real-time battles in which players can demonstrate their tactical thinking, strategic thinking, and combat philosophy. Explore an amazing universe unlike any other by starting your quest now!


One of the most gifted disciples of the Tang sect is Tang San, a martial arts master specializing in the use of secret weapons and occult techniques. He embarks on a journey through the continent of Doulo, which is home to terrifying spiritual beasts and where only the strongest survive, after discovering that he has forbidden information. Talented people from all over the world gather at the Academy to receive guidance on the path to greatness from the masters of spiritual abilities. Tang San, who has a special talent, must gradually develop his abilities to one day discover the memories of his previous existence and assume the mantle of deity.

Take part in Tang San’s treacherous journey through the Land of Souls as he hunts Spirit Beasts, encounters the group that would later become known as the Seven Devils, and conquers Sea God Island. Create flexible battle groups by engaging your favorite heroes! To defeat your opponents, deflect enemy strikes and identify their weaknesses. then uncover the new hidden abilities of Master Tan San and his buddies! You’ll face several challenges; defeat them by demonstrating your mastery of strategy and destroying all your opponents.


Discover the unstoppable world of Boundless DouluoThe game creates a real-time environment, interacts with real weather and depicts a spectacular version of the Douluo continent! Explore numerous maps at your leisure, go on an egg quest, swim in a sea of flowers, and complete other entertaining quests at your discretion. Give the gift of true Douluo to every Douluo fan!

Unlimited mystical creature huntingFight the roaring spirit beast in the Great Forest of Star Dou, demonstrate your mental talents with tactics, stalk the spirit beast and kill it to consume its spirit ring! Assemble a group of hunters, trap the soul superbeast, and bring back the amazing soul ring! The soul master will face further challenges in the form of higher hunt difficulty copies.

Create exclusive soul skillsReduce your unique martial arts spirit, delve deep into training and experience unbridled growth and mutation! He also has the ability to arbitrarily integrate spiritual abilities, with multiple spiritual rings superimposed on top of each other and endless steaming of spiritual power that challenges the strategic combination of the Doulo mainland’s super soul skills.

Soul Master ContestThere is no limit to the number of spirit rings that can be freely combined, new special particle effects can be added to the display of spirit skills, and the timing of ability releases can be fine-tuned. Tactics adjustments can be made in real-time in response to changing combat conditions. Fight your way to the pinnacle of morale in MOBA style!


Gain full control of your character during live combat and lead them to victory. Write your name in our country’s history!Develop your abilities, become a true soul lord and compete against the best players!Discover the most effective combinations by experimenting with different teams and character classes!Learn new abilities and combine different talents. Win every battle in your own unique way! Challenge powerful opponents and plan methods to defeat ruthless bosses! Join forces with like-minded gamers to battle evil, then show everyone what true spiritual power is all about!

Download Soul Land – Continent Douluo 1.0.4 (Mod, God Mode) on Android screen 1Download Soul Land – Continent Douluo 1.0.4 (Mod, God Mode) on Android screen 2Download Soul Land – Continent Douluo 1.0.4 (Mod, God Mode) on Android screen 3Download Soul Land – Continent Douluo 1.0.4 (Mod, God Mode) on Android screen 4